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Btclod free YouTube video download tool can convert MP3, MP4 and online editing

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YouTube has a huge amount of audio-visual resources, so today’s life and entertainment must not lack it, which is why many people stick to the audio-visual platform, there are so many things to watch! If you feel that YouTube has a lot of advertisements, or you are often interrupted by advertisements during browsing, you can also consider paying to upgrade YouTube Premium membership, especially if it is cheaper to subscribe across regions to different countries, you can refer to the previously written “YouTube Premium Turkey and India cross-regional subscription teaching, 500 yuan per year “Argentina’s new option for price increase” teaching (minimum average monthly price of more than 40 yuan).

YouTube itself does not provide a download function. If you want to download and save videos to your computer, you must use software or online tools. I wrote “20 free YouTube video download tool recommendations, converting MP4 and MP3 without installation software” to integrate these tools In the same page, it is convenient for users to search. If you prefer to use software to download online videos, you may wish to try the following software:

This article will introduce “Btclod” is a free YouTube download tool, known as the best YT video downloader, no need to install any software or applications, just open the website, paste the YouTube video URL and select the format to convert and save.

Btclod will detect the user’s video URL, and then jump out of various formats available for download and conversion, roughly divided into MP3, audio, video, GIF and thumbnails. After clicking the video or audio format, there will be various resolutions, Audio quality, file format and file size are also displayed.

After selecting the file format to download, you can get the video, convert the format, and get the file through Btclod. The whole process is very simple, except that there may be some advertisements. Next, I will actually demonstrate the operation method of Btclod. In principle, this tool can only handle Videos that are public or viewable via a link, private videos (which require a login to view) cannot be retrieved in this way.


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After opening the Btclod website, paste the URL of the YouTube video to be downloaded, or directly search for the video through Btclod (I have not tried this method), in fact, just copy and paste the URL, and press the button on the back.



A preview of the video will be displayed immediately. Select the format you want to download from the right: MP3, audio, video, GIF or thumbnail. MP3 is also divided into different sound quality. The higher the sound quality, the larger the file capacity.


After switching to the video, there will be different resolution options for downloading, from the highest 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p or 144p, click the “Download” at the back to download, and you can also use the “Download” below the video if necessary. “Cut” function to trim video segments.



However, when you click to download, Btclod will jump out of the advertisement page, and after closing the advertisement, it will start processing after returning, and the processing process will take a while.


Finally, the download button is displayed and click “Download Now!” to download and get the file immediately. If you use the Dropbox cloud drive, you can directly save it to the cloud drive.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Btclod free YouTube download tool just paste the video URL to save the audio and video content
  2. Provides different download types of MP3, audio, video, GIF and thumbnail
  3. Simple operation, instant download or save to Dropbox after online processing

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