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‘Butterfly haircut’, the style with layers that you should wear and is in trend

Butterfly haircut the style with layers that you should wear - 'Butterfly haircut', the style with layers that you should wear and is in trend

Also known as ‘butterfly cut’ this new hair style is revolutionizing the world of hairstyle and bringing back the famous layers. Perfect for almost all hair types, this trend is reborn from the 90s fashion when full-bodied hair was the most requested in beauty salons. Still don’t know the butterfly haircut? Stay to discover what it consists of and why you should wear it in your hair.

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‘Butterfly haircut’, the style with layers that you should wear and is in trend

What is the butterfly cut or butterfly cut?

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The butterfly cut or butterfly cut is a haircut that is mainly made up of layers. The main characteristic of this cut is the volume, which will give shape, body and movement to your hair. It consists of wearing a long underlayer that falls at shoulder height, or slightly below, accompanied by shorter layers at the crown part of the head to create the effect of locks that reach the height of the chin. For some experts, this cut is inspired by the shag cut, being a less risky version, which is why it is commonly confused with the mullet or the wolf cut; although there are those who think that it is a retro trend inspired by the hairstyle of the 90s.

What is the butterfly cut or butterfly cut


What is the difference between the butterfly cut and the wolf cut?

It is likely that the butterfly cut is confused with the wolf cut because in appearance they are very similar and both are born from the shag cut that consists of marking and defining layers in the hair to give a messy or disheveled appearance, but they are not the same.

Differences between wolf cut and butterfly cut

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The wolf cut is the fusion of two styles: the shag cut and the mullet. The short layers and the fringe are two things that characterize this cut. Regularly the perfect length to wear a wolf cut is at shoulder height and from there begin the short layers.

For its part, a butterfly cut is a soft version of the shag cut, characterized by discreet and long layers as well as an elegant and sophisticated appearance. This cut is ideal for long hair that seeks to add movement to their hair.

What type of hair does the butterfly haircut look best on?

Although this is a noble cut that goes well with most hair, it should be noted that wavy hair is the favorite of this style because this texture allows the layers to blend perfectly, producing a very natural voluminous finish. But do not be discouraged if your hair is not wavy from birth because there is nothing that a good pair of curling irons cannot solve. To achieve the look of images on Pinterest and other networks, you will need to wave it only at the tips of the layers. That is, place your curling iron with the handle facing up and curl the face-framing layers on both sides. Let the hair cool down and distribute with your little hands to give it a more natural finish.

Buttlerfly haircut on wavy hair

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How to do the butterfly cut yourself?

If you were thinking about getting a blunt (or a change in your hair), this is the signal for you to do it. Making this cut at home is very simple and you only need a pair of hair scissors (don’t even think about using the ones from your cousin’s school) and two rubber bands.

  1. Moisten your hair and untangle it with the help of a brush. Once this step is complete, use a comb to section it into two parts. The party that you are going to do will be at the height of your ears as if you were going to make a half tail.
  2. Your first section will be the part of the crown of the head, hold it in a ponytail and comb it perfectly so that there are no chips. Repeat this step with the lower part of your hair.
  3. Start the cut with the lower ponytail, bring it forward until your ends are at the level of your eyes and cut. Repeat the procedure with the upper ponytail.
  4. Release your hair and enjoy the result.

You will tell us, “I’m afraid that it will look bad on me, tell me how I can ask my stylist for it”. Do not worry, we are always going to advise you to go with a specialist in the field, so if you do not dare to do it yourself, run to the aesthetics and ask for a long layered cut where the shortest reaches the height of your chin.

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Inspo for you to try this cut on yourself:

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