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How to Export Bookmark Google Chrome (+ Import in Firefox)

Cara Export Bookmark Google Chrome (+Import ke Firefox)

Many browser users are confused about how to export bookmarks in Google Chrome, we usually do this when we want to uninstall the Chrome application on our PC desktop.

As a result we need to back up or back up Chrome bookmarks to another storage place so they don’t get lost.

Well, on this occasion I will share tips on saving bookmarks in Google Chrome to another storage place or more often we know it by the term exporting bookmark files.

However, it is possible that we will also complete it with a trick to import Chrome bookmarks into other browsers such as Firefox and Edge to Opera.

cara export bookmark google chrome

This tutorial applies to all versions of the Google Chrome browser, from the old Chrome version to the latest Chrome browser version.

This is because the layout of the settings menu is not much different even with different versions.

If you don’t know How to check Google Chrome version can read the tips.

Steps to Export Bookmarks on Google Chrome

Export Bookmark Chrome

1. Open the browser app Google Chrome on your PC or laptop.

2. Open the menu Customize and control Google Chrome usually in the upper right corner with the three vertical dots symbol.

cara export bookmark from google chrome

3. After that hover the cursor down to open options Bookmarks.

4. In the chart all your bookmarks have appeared, to display bookmarks in Chrome in full you can open them via Bookmark manager.

cara export bookmark chrome

You can also use the Bookmark manager shortcut button by pressing the button Ctrl + Shift + O on which keyboard this would be easier of course. On the Bookmark manager menu, you can also adjust the position of the site url by drag and drop to shift the link from top to bottom or vice versa.

5. Open the menu Organize 3 vertical dots logo.

cara export bookmark chrome android

6. After that you select the option Export bookmarks to save your Chrome bookmarks to where you want them.

cara export bookmark by chrome

7. Determine the location of the Chrome bookmark storage folder, don’t forget to rename the html bookmark file.

8. Finally you can press the button Save to save those Google Chrome bookmarks.

All site address urls that have been bookmarked (Starred) will be exported and stored neatly in html format.

So you don’t have to worry about missing Chrome bookmarks when importing bookmarks to your profile or other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers.

See also tips cara update Mozilla Firexox on Android phones and complete PCs.

Well, to complete this guide, the SemutImut page also provides tips on how to import bookmarks in Google Chrome.

Steps to Import Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Import Bookmark Chrome

1. Open the browser Google Chrome on your computer.

2. Enter the menu Organize in the top right corner (3 vertical dots icon).

cara backup bookmark chrome pc

We can see that the browser profile is still empty, there is no url for the site address that we saved.

3. After that, several menu options will appear where you can enter the Chrome bookmarks that you previously saved.

cara backup bookmark chrome android

Choose an option Import bookmarks to include all url links in the html bookmark file.

4. Usually a pop up will appear where we can enter the bookmark file, open the file storage location that you have saved. After that you press Open to upload it to the browser.

5. Then the result will be like below where all site addresses that have been saved in the Chrome browser will appear.

how to back up bookmarks on google chrome

Not only the ones in bookmark bar only but also in the Other bookmarks which is usually renamed to a folder Imported.

So you don’t get confused anymore when you find that one of the bookmark links is not found, it could be in the Imported folder.

Also read tips how to zoom in Chrome browser page so that it doesn’t look too small.

Apart from that, there is a quick trick to open bookmarks in Google Chrome, namely through the following link.


Please you salin link that was then paste it into Chrome browser url field keep pressing Enter it will automatically be taken to the Bookmark manager menu.

Through this Bookmark manager menu you can create new bookmark folders and add new bookmarks to delete bookmarks in Google Chrome.

Apart from that, how to backup Chrome bookmarks on Android or iOS iPhone is still difficult and maybe the only way is using the Google account data sync method.

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Just to add, for those who are still confused about how to move Chrome bookmarks to Firefox or other browsers, here are the guidelines.

how to Import Bookmark Chrome & Mozilla Firefox

1. Open the browser Mozilla Firefox on your Windows PC or Mac OS.

2. Press the button Ctrl + Shift + B on the keyboard to open Firefox bookmarks.

cara import bookmark chrome ke mozilla firefox

3. After that you open the dropdown menu Import and Backup then select option Import Bookmarks from HTML.

how to move chrome bookmarks to firefox

4. Open the Chrome bookmarks file location then click the file and then press the button Open to upload the bookmarks.

cara import bookmark chrome ke firefox

5. Well, to find out whether it works or not. You can see those Chrome bookmarks in the section Bookmark Menu.

how to backup chrome bookmarks on android

Then you select the option Bookmarks bar to open it.

6. In this section you can check all the Chrome bookmarks that you have imported.

cara export bookmark google chrome pc

By default Firefox bookmarks will be placed in the Bookmarks Menu.

This method of importing Chrome bookmarks into Mozilla is not much different for other browsers.

This means you can easily move your Google Chrome bookmarks to another computer.

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Apart from that, we do have to routinely back up or back up bookmarks in Google Chrome, this is because to avoid the risk of losing important url links which could happen due to system and device damage.

Thus the guide on how to export Google Chrome bookmarks on a PC or computer, hopefully these tips can help you in backing up bookmarks in Chrome either to be saved or imported to other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

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