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Casual short dresses to receive spring

Casual short dresses to receive spring - Casual short dresses to receive spring

Spring has arrived! And it’s time to wear short dresses too. Take advantage of the warmth that comes with the season to put together fresh and super girly looks, we tell you which are the best models to put together an outfit of 10.

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Short dresses, your ally to look amazing this spring

We love casual dresses because they are perfect to wear for a day at the office, a breakfast, an informal event and to keep us fresh throughout our day. Spring has started and on its first day it already gave us a taste of the warm weather that awaits us this season, which is why short dresses come as the best ally to wear in our daily outfits.

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short dresses your ally for this spring 2023

Image: Kuiyibo Campos

Surely in your closet lives one or another perfect dress to receive with all the spring season, however, it never hurts to dive into the net to review the clothes that will be in trend to see us more precious than we already are. If you are thinking of buying a new dress, write down these design ideas that will fascinate you. Conversely, if you’re just looking for outfit inspo, take a look at accessories that might work for you.

Casual Spring Short Dresses

Floral pattern

In spring, flowers are the protagonists of everything, clothes are no exception. Bet on wearing a dress with a floral print to see yourself ad hoc to the season.

short floral print dresses

Imagen: Auld TPM

Dress shirt

This garment is designed for those moments when you need to look feminine, empowered and super elegant, so they are the perfect outfit for a day at the office or a semi-formal meeting.

short shirt-style dresses with green print

Image: Abel Matthew

fitted or fitted

We are fans of these dresses in their long format as they allow the figure to look stylized. The short version of the fitted dresses is no exception, however, it can be a bit uncomfortable to wear it all day at the office. Our advice: wear it for an important event or a day when you don’t have to run around the city and pair it with some sneakers to get a fresh, sporty and super youthful look.

short fitted dresses

Imagen: CoffeeAndMilk

Vintage style

Doesn’t it happen to you that with the arrival of spring you want to bet on a tender and very girly look? It is that we do, and that is why we think that dresses with a vintage cut are the favorite garment of spring. Go ahead and try it and you will see how we are right.

short vintage style dresses

Image: Kristina Paukshtite

Seasonal colors for dresses

If you are not a fan of printed dresses or floral styles, do not worry because there is another alternative to choose a dress for spring 2023: its color. And it is that this season comes with a short list of colors that are going to be in super trend and that yes or yes we are going to see them in all the clothes. Run to look for dresses in these shades:

  1. pearl gray
  2. Orange
  3. Violet
  4. green grass
  5. Sky Blue
  6. Pastel yellow

spring colors 2023

Image: AS Photo; wording collage

How to wear a dress in spring?

Accessories, footwear and complements are what help us define our own style and many times they are the small detail that makes the difference so that our look is heart-stopping. If you don’t know what pieces to highlight your outfit with a dress, check out these ideas:

Bows or bows: Contrary to what you might imagine, bows are not just for little girls’ hairstyles. We swear that in a wavy mane, in a ponytail or in a low lot they look super good. If you want to bring a youthful, sophisticated and tender touch to your look, run to the haberdashery for a good ribbon.

Wide-brimmed hats: in addition to protecting us from the sun, this accessory is the best ally of a dress and it gives it a unique retro touch. Bet on wide-brimmed hats in neutral colors to match all your clothes.

Sandals: spring footwear yes or yes are sandals. In addition to keeping your little feet super fresh, these allow you to give an extra plus to your outfit with a dress. If you are not going to walk so much, bet on including them in your look.

Flats: These popular 2000s shoes are back in a super-improved version. In addition to being very comfortable, they come in discreet colors and models that allow you to combine them perfectly with a pretty dress.

Tote bags: this peculiar accessory has become the chaviza’s favorite handbag. If you want to be cool and look super aesthetic, bet on a tote bag.

Wicker bag: if yours is more traditional, bet on this style of bags that, in addition to being super pretty, are also perfect to combine with dresses and achieve a very aesthetic outfit.

how to wear a dress in spring

wording collage

What do you think of these short dress ideas? We have become fans of many styles and we are anxious to wear a nice and fresh dress to work, school or any event, now it is your turn to tell us which one you would wear and why.

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