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CatchV online video download tool supports 6000 platforms including YouTube, Facebook

CatchV It is a free online video download tool, which claims to support more than 6,000 video sites. If you see a certain video on the Internet and want to save it, you can do it through the video download tool. After downloading, it will be in the normal video format.mp4 It can also be played without a network connection, which is very useful for backup or saving videos, but it should be noted that the copyright of the video still belongs to the original author, respect the intellectual property rights of others, and do not copy The videos are uploaded to other online platforms under their own names.

The CatchV home page explains that this download tool supports common audio-visual platforms or social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. You can download MP4 / WebM formats with various resolutions in the YouTube video section. CatchV will use the crawler to crawl according to the video link entered by the user. Search the video URL and return the found video link. The tool will not store any original video files, but the disadvantage is that the video may not be detected correctly due to platform updates. In addition, private videos cannot be downloaded or saved (You need to log in to your account to see the content).

If you find that CatchV cannot download and save the video you want correctly, you can also refer to the following alternatives:

CatchV: Download Online Web Videos

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After opening the CatchV website, copy and paste the video URL, click “Get Video Link” and you will see the relevant results. If it cannot be captured correctly, an error message will be displayed. After a simple test, YouTube and Facebook can download correctly, but An error message will appear on Instagram or TikTok.



Taking YouTube as an example, various resolutions and file formats will be displayed after CatchV captures. It should be noted that the current high-definition videos have processed the image and audio parts separately. If you directly download MP4 and WebM format videos, there will be silence and no sound. The sound problem, because the video and audio need to be combined, many download tools automatically handle this part, so the operation may be more convenient.

It doesn’t matter, just drag to the bottom to find the two Mp4 file formats of 360p and 720p will still have video and sound, which is also an earlier format.



After opening and entering the 1280×720 (720p) YouTube video whose file format is Mp4, click the menu in the lower right corner and find “Download” to save it. However, it can only be downloaded after the video is fully loaded, otherwise there may be no action.



For Facebook videos, click to share and then copy the link, paste CatchV and it will automatically find the relevant link. If there is no sound and only pictures after downloading in WebM format, you can also choose the bottom two Mp4 formats of HD and SD to download. There will be video and sound at the same time!


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. CatchV online web video downloader supports more than 6000 video sites
  2. Paste the URL of the video to analyze it, and directly return the video link available for download
  3. The operation method is simple, and it can be operated through a browser without additional software installation

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