Updated : Aug 16, 2020 health

List of Healthy and High Fiber Foods

There are several benefits of having high fiber foods in your diet. It induces weight loss, lowers your blood sugar level, and protects you from constipation. For women, 25 grams, and for men, 38 grams of fiber is the recommended…

Updated : Apr 27, 2020 health

Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate Daily

What is Dark chocolate ? chocolate with 70% – 85% cocoa Higher cocoa content is good Varieties: Bitter-sweet, semi-sweet, sweetrecommended to go for bitter-sweet It is recommended to eat - One ounce (28 grams) of dark chocolate daily how good…

Updated : Apr 26, 2020 health

7 Foods To Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control.

 High blood pressure affects the body's blood flow. Kidney problems, heart problems can be caused by the effects on the body's blood vessels.Here are some food to lower your blood pressure : Black Grapes Patients with high blood pressure are asked…

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