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Causes and How to Overcome Freeze on Android Games

Causes and How to Overcome Freeze on Android Games

Causes and How to Overcome Freeze on Android Games
– Playing games on android smartphones is no less exciting and fun compared to games from other platforms. Especially now on Android there are already many choices of exciting and challenging games that can be played. In fact, almost all of these Android games can be downloaded and played for free.

Talking about android games, sometimes there are error problems experienced. One of them that is quite often experienced by users is game freeze. This of course will interfere with the excitement and comfort of users in playing games. For those of you who don’t know, here are the causes and how to fix the freeze on the android game.

Before continuing, you need to know first what are the factors that cause games on Android to freeze / freeze / hang. Some of these causes include:

1. HP specifications are not sufficient to run the game.

2. Many applications run in the background.

3. There is a bug or error on the android system.

4. The game has an error or data is corrupted.

5. Unstable internet signal or even not connected at all.

There are several ways that can be done to overcome the problem of the game experiencing the freeze or hang. There are several easy ways to fix freezes in games on Android in full, as follows:

1. Restart HP

The first and easiest way you can apply to overcome the game freeze is by restarting. This method is indeed claimed to be able to overcome various minor error problems on HP, including when playing games. In addition, doing this restart will also improve the performance of the Android phone.

2. Stop Apps Running in the Background

Too many applications running on the cellphone, both on the front screen or in the background, will certainly burden its performance. This can also make the cellphone less than optimal in running these applications and games. One of the effects is that HP freezes when running certain games.

To stop applications running in the background, you can use third-party applications. One application that you can use is called CCleaner.

3. Hapus Cache Game

Another alternative to deal with games that experience freezing on Android phones is by deleting cache files stored in them. This method will be able to solve the error problem in the game. To clear the game cache on Android, namely:

Open the Settings menu on the HP.

Go to the Installed Applications option.

Find and select the game that has frozen.

Then go to Storage option.

And finally click the Clear Cache or Clear Cache button.


4. Ensure Stable Internet Connection

Try to check whether the internet connection used on the cellphone is normal or slow, even not connected at all. If the signal is weak, try to move to an area with a better signal. You can also activate and deactivate Airplane Mode on your cellphone to solve internet network errors.

It’s even better if you connect your cellphone to a wifi network only, where the signal strength it provides is more stable and faster.

5. Customize the Game with HP Specifications

If your cellphone has standard specifications, you should just play light games. Don’t force your cellphone to play heavy games with high graphics like PUBG Mobile. There are lots of other games that can be played on Android and are no less fun to play.

Those were some of the causes and ways to deal with freeze on android games that you can apply. Hopefully the information above is useful.

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