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Causes of eyebrow loss

vipadenie brovey - Causes of eyebrow loss

Women often face the problem of eyebrow hair loss. And identifying the cause is an essential part of solving the problem. Only then can the problem be solved by cosmetic methods.

Hair cannot fall out without a reason, there must be an explanation for this. There are external and internal factors. The first is wrong tattoos, bad ecology, lack of basic care. In the second – problems with internal organs.


Perhaps this is the most common reason, because almost all girls “paint” their eyebrows. If solid ammonia-containing dyes are used during the procedure, the hair follicles will be weakened. Also, the paint may be incorrectly diluted or out of date.


The procedure consists in the introduction of colored pigments under the skin, thereby correcting the shape of the eyebrows. In some cases, problems with falling begin due to a large amount of pigment. Or due to too frequent entry of the needle into the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hair follicles. Also, hair loss can be part of an allergic reaction to the ink.

If you are having problems with a tattoo, you should urgently call the master and clarify the situation. He is the specialist responsible for your health in this regard.

Climatic conditions

Hair and eyebrows can fall out due to unfavorable environmental conditions. The risk list includes categories of people working in hazardous industries who are daily exposed to exposure to volatile vapors.

Adverse conditions include constant climate change from business travel, hot sun (ultraviolet radiation) or cold air. In most cases, after a vacation in exotic countries, girls notice that their eyebrows begin to “crumble”.

Life style

Wrong lifestyle, work and leisure schedule, addictions, constant stress and much more can be added to the list of reasons for the loss of eyebrows.

Smokers, drug addicts and alcohol lovers automatically fall into the danger zone.

Often the cause of eyebrow loss is malnutrition. Due to the lack of nutrients, hair bulbs begin to disappear.

Medical treatment

Factors that negatively affect the condition of the eyebrows include cancer treatment. During chemotherapy, the disease follicles literally burn out.

Eyebrow loss can also be caused by prolonged and uncontrolled antibiotic therapy, medications for diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, and gout.

In women, causes of eyebrow loss include the use of birth control pills. Ask your gynecologist if this is causing eyebrow problems.

Diseases of the internal organs

In the case of diseases of the internal organs, many hair, nails and skin are affected. Eyebrows fall out due to the fact that they lack nutrients, and blood circulation slows down in the facial area.

This can be caused by a weak immune system, vitamin deficiencies, and constant exposure to stress and depression.

It is also worth considering autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, lupus, sarcoidosis, thyrotoxicosis.

Eyebrows fall out due to blepharitis and fungal infections.

Other factors

There are reasons that are not included in any of the groups. These include pregnancy, heredity, menopause, old age (over 55 years).


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