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Celebrate Brownie Day with this recipe!

Celebrate Brownie Day with this recipe!

The typical compact and moist sponge cake of American cuisine today is a must as a dessert, at tea time or as a snack in all the countries of the world and it commemorates its day today, November 11.

There are various theories about the origin of this popular cake. The first story says that the brownie comes from the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago, where the chef there was commissioned to make cakes small enough to fit in boxes so that visitors wouldn’t stain their hands eating them.

The second and perhaps the most popular version states that in 1897 a chef wanted to bake a chocolate cake and, by some mistake, the result was a very short cake. Instead of discarding it, he cut it into small squares and served it. This theory has been cited a couple of times by famous American brands, although there is no evidence to support this myth.

While the first brownie recipes were published during the early years of the 20th century, it took as long as the 1920s for the brownie to become popular.

“For more than a hundred years the brownie has remained in the confectionery of almost all the kitchens of the world. Today there are great varieties of this cake and for all tastes. We can find white chocolate, dark chocolate, with nuts, vegan, etc.” points out María José Rubiño, Puratos Pastry Product Manager.

Puratos has a traditional brownie premix as well as its plant-based version. Here is the recipe for the second alternative:


· 1000 grams of Tegral veggie brownie from Puratos

350cc of water

180cc of oil

· 150 g of walnuts (optional)


Put water, oil and Tegral Brownie Veggie in the machine. Beat with paddle 1 minute on low speed. Then 2 minutes on medium speed or until all ingredients are incorporated. Place the shake in molds previously prepared with Puralix, according to the desired weight.

Horn at 200 °C for 20-25 minutes (1.5 kg mold approx.)

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