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Chat YouTube uses ChatGPT to quickly aggregate and summarize YT videos

chatyoutube 01 - Chat YouTube uses ChatGPT to quickly aggregate and summarize YT videos

It has to be said that ChatGPT has a wide range of applications, and it is almost capable of various tasks, greatly shortening the workflow. From my experience, ChatGPT is more suitable as an assistant than answering questions with correct answers, that is, when there is a clear Perform relevant operations in the context of the target, such as assisting in collecting data, generating summaries, or arranging content in various ways. The previously introduced “ChatPDF throws PDF files to AI, quickly summarizes and answers related questions” is impressive. Users As long as the PDF file is uploaded, a similar dialogue function can be opened to directly ask questions about the file.

This article will introduce “Chat YouTube“It is an online tool that aggregates and generates summaries for YouTube videos through ChatGPT. It has the same function as the YouTube Summary with ChatGPT and Glarity Summary I introduced before. The difference is that Chat YouTube is easier to operate and does not need to install or download additional browser extensions. function, as long as you open the website and paste the URL of the YouTube video, you can perform related operations.

Chat YouTube allows users to “talk” to any YouTube video, that is, just change the protagonist from PDF to video like ChatPDF, which will be very helpful for summarizing, quick browsing, or getting specific content of videos, at least without starting from scratch I have browsed the video until the end, or I am forced to read it at a faster playback speed, but it should be noted that ChatGPT still has the problem of not being able to correctly distinguish right from wrong, or it may say the wrong information as if it is right, so I still hold it when using it Be skeptical and be careful to verify, even if it can drastically reduce the time we spend browsing tons of YouTube videos.

Chat YouTube

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After opening the Chat YouTube website, directly copy and paste the YouTube video link, and click “Submit” to generate a dialogue window.

Chat YouTube

Some videos do not have subtitles or cannot be processed due to problems, Chat YouTube will pop up an error message.

Chat YouTube


When the video is successfully opened with Chat YouTube, a dialog window similar to ChatGPT will pop up, and the user can start asking questions about the video.

Chat YouTube


For example, most users may want to know a summary of the content of a YouTube video. If you directly ask Chat, YouTube will compile it for you. It can present the video in text, saving you the time of watching the video from the beginning.

Chat YouTube

It is also a good way to directly use the questioning method to find the answers you want to know about the content of YouTube videos. Users can use AI as someone who has already watched the video to ask questions. If you ask questions about the content you want to know, Chat YouTube will reply to the video As a result, it is very easy to use. If you need to watch a lot of YT videos, you should save time through this smart tool.

Chat YouTube

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. No need to install extensions or download apps, just paste a YouTube video URL and get started
  2. Chat YouTube saves time, quickly learns about important content in videos, and conducts relevant Q&A
  3. Interact with YouTube videos to ask questions and get answers, allowing you to dig deeper into the content of the video

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