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ChatDOC is based on ChatGPT file reading assistant to improve reading and learning efficiency

chatdoc 1 - ChatDOC is based on ChatGPT file reading assistant to improve reading and learning efficiency

After several months of actual use of ChatGPT, I will find that compared to answering questions and generating content from scratch, AI is more suitable for organizing and aggregating existing data. In short, making it a small helper at work may be helpful Far more efficient than reading by yourself. I have introduced before that “ChatPDF throws PDF files to AI, quickly summarizes and answers related questions” is an AI application that amazes me. Users only need to upload the PDF files at hand, and they can ask ChatGPT about this in a dialogue mode. the content of the file.

This article recommends “ChatDOC“is a document reading assistant based on ChatGPT technology, which can quickly extract, locate and summarize information from users’ PDF documents. Although it is named ChatDOC, at first glance it seems to be a tool for reading Word documents (.doc or .docx), In fact, like ChatPDF, it only supports the common PDF format. In any case, it allows us to have a better reading speed and be more efficient in learning.

ChatDOC needs to be registered to use, and there is a limit of 200 pages for a single document, and only 5 documents can be uploaded every 24 hours.

The difference is that ChatDOC will attach a data source page with each answer, and users can quickly jump to the relevant paragraphs of the document to ensure the correctness of the data collection process in AI. ChatDOC can also select tables or text content in the document, Perform in-depth optimization analysis based on selected sections.


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After opening ChatDOC, click Start from the homepage, and then register an account first. When registering, you need to go to the mailbox to receive the verification letter directly, and then set the user name and password to complete the registration. After logging in, you can continue to use it.



Drag and drop the PDF file directly to the upload column of the ChatDOC website. Remember that the file cannot exceed 36 MB and 200 pages, and there is a limit of only 5 files uploaded per 24 hours. In the future, support for pictures and scanned documents will be added. If If you want to directly import files, you can also enter the URL to upload.



ChatDOC also provides some sample files, click on the left to open and enter the AI ​​chat mode.


Try to upload the analysis data of “Consumer Price Index Annual Growth Rate” released by the General Office of Accounting and Accounting of the Executive Yuan to ChatDOC. This document has 32 pages in total and looks dense. If it is not related to the field, it should be difficult to understand. You can start through ChatDOC Ask AI questions about this document from the dialogue window on the right, and you can use Chinese to ask questions and get Chinese responses. This function is based on the familiar ChatGPT technology.



ChatDOC is more useful because there will be a data source page attached below the reply result. After clicking, you can quickly jump to the specific page content of the document. Even if you use AI to assist in collecting data, you don’t have to worry about ChatGPT providing error messages.



In addition, ChatDOC has another very powerful function, which is to inquire deeply after selecting a table or article in a file. Just select a range from the file to add a dialog window. ChatDOC can understand the table content of the file. Analyze results optimized for a specific range.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. It can help users quickly find the required information from PDF files, making reading more efficient
  2. Attach the source page with each answer to quickly jump to the relevant paragraph
  3. Conduct in-depth optimization analysis on selected content to improve reading and learning effects


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