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ChatPDF throws PDF files to AI, quickly summarizes and answers related questions

chatpdf 01 - ChatPDF throws PDF files to AI, quickly summarizes and answers related questions

This year (2023) is called the first year of artificial intelligence AI. Various application services have appeared in a short time since the advent of ChatGPT, such as ChatGPT for Google, which can integrate AI display results in search engines, and ChatGPT Writer, which helps users write various emails (It can also be integrated with Gmail for one-click operation). In addition, Glarity Summary and YouTube Summary with ChatGPT can quickly generate summaries for YouTube videos. Each tool is very practical and closely integrates technology with daily work or life. efficiency.

This article recommends “ChatPDF“is a very powerful AI application. Users can upload a PDF file and turn it into an “AI chat room”, and directly ask about the content of the PDF. This service integrates the ChatGPT API interface to help users make PDF reading smarter !

In the past, users may need to manually copy the content of the file and paste it on ChatGPT for related operations. Using ChatPDF saves the time of manual copying. After uploading the PDF directly, there will be a dialog window, just like throwing the file to ChatGPT for reading and sorting.

According to ChatPDF, this tool is great for working with large PDF files, especially those that you might need to read but don’t have time to read from the first page to the last, such as operating manuals, research papers, legal deeds or contracts, Books, etc., but ChatPDF can’t understand pictures for the time being, and the effect may not be so ideal for materials with pictures.

Another limitation is that ChatPDF only supports PDF files with a maximum of 50 pages. If you exceed that, you can use the PDF tool to disassemble the file first. However, when asking questions, it is not as easy to use as throwing a file to AI for reading. In addition, the largest single file limit of ChatPDF is 32 MB, the content must be selectable text instead of pictures (it does not have OCR recognition function yet), the data will be saved on the server and deleted after seven days, and the website will try its best to ensure the safety of users’ PDF files.


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After opening ChatPDF, drag and upload the PDF file directly (or click Browse my Computer in the upper left corner to browse the file), and you can also use the “From URL” in the lower right corner to import or search the PDF file as a PDF link. The file cannot exceed 50 pages , The capacity must be less than 32 MB.



After uploading, there will be a welcome text, which mainly summarizes the PDF file and provides several questions that users may want to ask. This window is just like ChatGPT, and users can directly ask AI about the relevant content of this file.


For example, I upload a PDF file of the monitor’s user manual, and then start asking ChatPDF questions, it will find the answer from the file and answer the user (but be skeptical), the cool thing is that in addition to answering questions, it will also Provide relevant page or chapter information to facilitate users to find a specific content paragraph from a PDF file.



If the uploaded PDF file is in English or other non-Chinese languages, different languages ​​will be displayed on the welcome text, but you can also use Chinese for Q&A, and ChatPDF will reply in Chinese, so even if you read the original text, the content will change. Be more efficient! It directly reduces the time to translate into Chinese.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Just upload the PDF file and you can quickly understand the content through the dialogue mode, which saves a lot of time
  2. Using ChatPDF does not require complicated manual copying, pasting, etc.
  3. Ideal for large PDF files such as operating manuals, research papers, legal deeds or agreements, books, and more


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