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ClipDrop Remove Background is a free tool to remove the background of pictures with one click, uploading automatically removes the background without manual editing

There are many online image editing tools under ClipDrop. The common point is to use artificial intelligence AI for automatic processing, allowing users to operate faster and more efficiently. For example, removes specific items and people from photos; Clipdrop Image Upscaler can enlarge and enhance the picture, so that the picture that may have been blurred will become clearer and sharper, and there will be no distortion when the size is enlarged. There are many similar services. The main difference lies in the processing speed and effect. Another important point that everyone will consider is price. Usually free services have restrictions, such as resolution, number of uses or watermarks. If necessary, try it first before considering whether Paid subscription.

This article will introduce “ClipDrop Remove Background“is a one-click automatic image removal tool from ClipDrop. Drag and drop the image to the web page to upload, and the tool will use the most accurate image removal technology to remove the background of the image. Users only need to download and save the PNG image format. The whole process is very easy. Simple, it only takes a few seconds to complete! ClipDrop provides several different picture examples, you can click on the example picture for functional testing before starting.

Last time I recommended another service called “ClipDrop Replace Background to replace the picture with a new background picture generated by AI”, which integrates the two functions of automatic background removal and AI picture generator. The automatic background removal technology is Remove Background. If you don’t If you need to change to a new background, you can do it with the back removal tool.

It should be noted that only the maximum 1024×1024 image size can be downloaded for free. If you need a larger image, you need to pay to upgrade the Pro plan. Please refer toprice pageillustrate. The pricing method of ClipDrop is very simple. There are only two types: free and paid.

ClipDrop Remove Background

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Open the ClipDrop online memorizing tool, click the dotted line below, select the picture file to memorize, or directly drag the picture to it, this function will automatically upload the picture, if you want to test the effect, you can also click the button below The four sample pictures will be automatically brought in for processing, including people, objects and cars, three types of picture themes that you may be more likely to use.

ClipDrop Remove Background Free Online Backdrop


When the length and width of the picture exceed 1024×1024, the following screen will appear. Free users can only reduce the picture to within 1024×1024. If you want to use the original picture size or high-resolution HD mode, you need to pay for the Pro upgrade. If you want to use it for free, click ” Downscale & Continue” button to continue.

ClipDrop Remove Background Free Online Backdrop


The most powerful thing about automatic back removal is that users don’t need to make any settings or adjustments at all. The pictures will be processed after they are uploaded. However, whether the effect is good or not depends on the pictures. Use the button in the lower right corner to rate and help ClipDrop improve the back removal function. After completion, click the “Download” button in the lower right corner to save the picture behind it in PNG format.

ClipDrop Remove Background Free Online Backdrop

There is also an option in the lower right corner to retransmit the picture to ClipDrop’s other editing tools, such as enhancement, magnification, clearing tools (removing items that you don’t want to appear in the picture) or Relight (adjusting photo light source and color).

ClipDrop Remove Background Free Online Backdrop

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. ClipDrop online background removal tool can automatically remove the background, no other customizable options
  2. The maximum size limit of the free plan is 1024×1024, if it exceeds, it will be reduced (can be paid to lift the limit)
  3. Go to the back to download as a PNG image format, no need to register an account

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