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ClipDrop Replace Background replaces the image with a new background image generated by AI

ClipDrop is a service dedicated to using artificial intelligence AI technology for various automatic image editing services, such as “Clipdrop Image Upscaler Free Image Enhancement, Enlargement, and Solving the Problem of Blurred Jagged Edges” and “CleanUp. “Online retouching tools for objects and characters” are all its products. Others include automatic picture removal, light source adjustment, text-to-picture conversion, etc., which are very powerful! In fact, there are many teams developing related tools today, each with different technologies, and some of them can indeed bring very good results, but the service itself also requires a lot of hardware resources for calculation and processing, so most of them will provide paid upgrade solutions (free version will be limited).

This article will introduce “ClipDrop Replace Background“is a new image processing tool recently launched by ClipDrop. As the name suggests, it is the function of replacing the background of the image. It integrates two products under its banner, the automatic image removal and the AI ​​​​image generator. When the user drags the image to the web page to upload, it will first remove the image, Take out the main part, and then use a paragraph to describe the new background image to be generated (the website will randomly generate a paragraph of words, or you can enter it yourself), and finally apply the image to the new background and integrate it into a new image.

Not every picture has a complete body. What’s more, ClipDrop Replace Background will also help to “fill up” the missing parts, making the resulting pictures look more natural. For example, I used a photo of tennis player Roger Federer playing on the court, because the photo focused on the upper body and did not capture the part below the thigh. After processing, I changed a new background, and AI also added the legs that did not appear. Make the finished product more realistic!

ClipDrop Replace Background

As mentioned earlier, most of the similar AI automation tools are not free services (but limited free plans will be provided), fromPrice ListIt can be seen that the free plan may have restrictions on the size and quantity of pictures. After paying to upgrade to Pro, you will be able to enjoy unlimited use of all ClipDrop products! Interested friends can first test it from the free plan, and there is no need to register or log in to the account when using it.

ClipDrop Replace Background

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After enabling the Replace Background function of ClipDrop, drag the picture to the webpage and it will be processed automatically. However, if the system detects that it may be an adult picture (Not Safe For Work), it will not continue. This mechanism has a high rate of false positives. Upload a few pictures Normal pictures are marked as NSFW, if you encounter them accidentally, you have to choose another picture.

ClipDrop Replace Background


I teach in this article using Roger Federer photo as an example, thisPhoto source 123RF Gallery, author zhukovsky

ClipDrop Replace Background

ClipDrop will first carry out automatic picture removal, and then give a description of the background picture to be generated. Click “Generate” in the lower right corner to generate a new background picture. Of course, users can also modify the picture description to be generated. Artificial Intelligence AI The background will be generated according to this narrative.

ClipDrop Replace Background


ClipDrop will generate four background images, and at the same time add the user’s original images to the new background, and make up for the parts that may be missing during the memorization and the original photos that did not appear. It looks really lifelike, and the current technology Not only the face can be changed, but even the background picture can be changed to a different one.

ClipDrop Replace Background

ClipDrop Replace Background


Choose the closest picture, if you don’t have one, it doesn’t matter, there will be a rearrange button in the upper right corner of each preview picture, after clicking, the artificial intelligence will regenerate a new background, or click the “Edit” button below to explain the background picture edit.

ClipDrop Replace Background


It can also integrate other ClipDrop editing tools, such as image enlargement and readjustment of light sources.

ClipDrop Replace Background


After finishing, click the “Download” button in the lower right corner to download the result. Compare it with the original picture, does it look real? If you want to change a new background for a photo, but feel that it takes too much time to edit it manually, ClipDrop Replace Background makes these processes easier, and it is completely automated. It can be operated through a browser without additional downloads or It is to install the software!

ClipDrop Replace Background

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. ClipDrop Replace Background tool can quickly replace the user’s picture background
  2. Integrate the functions of automatic background removal and AI image generator, users can quickly change other backgrounds after uploading images
  3. Use AI to fill in the missing parts of the picture to make the overall picture look more natural

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