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Cloud skin: the secret to show off perfect matte skin

Cloud skin the secret to show off perfect matte skin - Cloud skin: the secret to show off perfect matte skin

Although this trend has been around for a few months, cloud skin is committed to becoming the favorite makeup for spring 2023. If you still don’t know what it is and how to achieve it, stay with us to discover it.

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What is cloud skin makeup and how to achieve it?

TikTok has become our trend guru and the first thing we do when we wake up is run to check what the current trends are. Especially those that are beauty, because from there we have taken tips and advice that have served us wonderfully in our care routine or even in our makeup technique. In writing we love to try them and of course we were not going to miss the opportunity to find out what the heck cloud skin makeup is, a trend that we are dying to wear every day this spring.

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What is cloud skin makeup?

This trend consists of showing off velvety skin, contrary to the glowy effect of glass skin (which is not a makeup technique but an effect resulting from Korean skincare), the main characteristic of this viral trend is the matte effect. That is, its composition is based on powder products (mostly) that provide this texture, this has made it the favorite makeup for girls with oily or combination skin.

what is cloud skin makeup

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The fact that this makeup has a mattifying effect does not mean that there is no hydration involved, since the secret to achieving that porcelain texture that we love so much from the TikTok videos is to perfectly prepare and hydrate the skin to prevent mattifying products from becoming look stiff and cracked.

How to get matte skin?

As we already told you about a moment ago, the secret to showing off super flawless matte skin is proper hydration, so take note to achieve a good cloud skin:

  1. On your clean face apply your moisturizer and a hydration primer. Let it perfectly absorb the products.
  2. For the foundation application there are two tricks: you can choose to try a matte foundation or mix your normal foundation with a bit of matte primer. To avoid the patchy texture, we advise you to leave a light coverage.
  3. Distribute your foundation all over your face with the help of a sponge or a pad, as this tool creates a texture or finish that goes perfectly with the matte effect.
  4. Apply your preferred concealer on your highlights and bake with a little translucent powder.
  5. With the help of a large brush, apply your blush on your cheekbones and once you have distributed it, apply a touch of bronzer under your cheekbones and integrate it with your blush.
  6. Seal with a compact powder and apply to your face with the help of a large brush.
  7. Take your blush again and apply a layer on your cheeks and eyelids again.
  8. Curl your lashes, apply mascara and finish your makeup with a pink matte lipstick.

how to wear cloud skin makeup

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Matte makeup on dry skin

After seeing countless videos of girls trying out this trend, we really wanted to recreate it, however, in writing, some of us have super hyper-dry skin (insert sad face emoji). Although the world of makeup has other moisturizing and glowy makeup alternatives for people with this type of skin, we have great news for you if you are part of our club: making this trend is possible for us.

  1. Start by moisturizing your face with your products that you normally use.
  2. Apply your trusted moisturizing foundation.
  3. Correct small details with correction fluid.
  4. Apply your favorite cream blush in a circular motion on your cheeks and apply to your eyes as a shadow. Try to take it only to the outside so that it blends naturally with what you applied to your cheeks.
  5. Here comes the trick to show off the velvet effect: apply a little powder with a matte finish using a brush or pad. One of our favorites is MAC’s Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder ($639 mxn) because even though it leaves a finish it won’t dry out your skin.
  6. Apply a tint on your lips and if you require it, place a moisturizing balm.
  7. Seal your makeup with some hydrating setting spray or some facial thermal water.

cloud skin mattifying powder

Image: Veranika Smirnaya

Now that you have learned with us about this trend and the step by step to achieve a perfect cloud skin to recreate it on your precious face, tell us how it goes when you have done it.

The matte effect is the wave:

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