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Cold makeup: the trend you should try to look youthful and tender this December

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December it’s days away but TikTok He already gave us the trend that yes or yes we must try this month. This new trend presumes to leave us a super youthful looktender and with a head care perfect to wear the first days of winter. Do you want to know what it is and how to achieve it? We tell you everything you need to know about the cold makeup trend so that you look perfect skin, makeup and look December’s holidays.

Cold makeup: the trend you should try to look youthful and tender this December

What is the trend cold makeup?

In the cold season the skin usually undergoes changes that generate texture and color. One of the most notable consequences is dryness that, in addition to causing a feeling of tightness, often generates a slight blush about her. It is in this “sweet” aspect that generates the “cold burn” that inspires this trend

How did this trend come about?

It’s no secret that TikTok has become our guru when looking for thes trends of the moment. Under the title of “I’m cold ” Makeup, this trend came to light thanks to the MUA Zoe Kim Kenealy (@zoekimkenealy) who through his official TikTok account decided to give us the “perfect makeup for the winter season, holidays and fall“because it is a makeup sencillobasic and gives us a typical movie aspect of the autumn-winter season.

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Tutorial to achieve it

get this “red cheeks” look It’s very simple, all you need is your favorite highlighter, concealer and blush, lots of blush. Before starting, we recommend preparing your skin by moisturizing and protecting it with your sunscreen Favourite. It is also important to mention that you can adapt powder or cream products according to your type of skin.

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Once you have prepared your skin with its respective moisturizing and protective Start by applying your base, try to add a minimum amount as this makeup is characterized by giving a natural look. Apply a little concealer on the points of light of your face and blur. The next step is to seal, in case your skin is oily, with a mattifying powder. Take your blush favorite to start the blush effect, apply in the area of ​​your cheeks and extend towards the internal part almost reaching the nose; on the bridge of your nose also apply to generate an “even” blush. With your highlighter, apply touches of light on the tear duct, cupid’s bow and on the tip of your nose. Finish with a lip gloss and you’re good to go.

Tutorial tendencia cold makeup

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Why should you wear it this winter?

The inspiration for this makeup They are the Christmas movies that we love so much where the protagonist looks sweet and tender, this makeup seeks to achieve that effect in our appearance during the winter. Being a make-up that takes blush as the protagonist, it will make us see blushing and that blush effect will always result in a youthful, sweet and cute appearance. Also, as opposed to the true “burned skin” look caused by exposure to cold temperatures where the skin is dry and crusty, this look bets on a luminous and hydrated skinso recreating it will do your little face a lot of good.

Look youthful with the cold makeup trend

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Poses para lucir tu I’m cold look:

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