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Compress PNG/JPG online image compression tool, easily save photo capacity

websiteplanet imagecompressor 01 - Compress PNG/JPG online image compression tool, easily save photo capacity

Occasionally, when uploading photos, you may encounter the problem that the photo capacity is too large. For example, when you use 7-11 to sell goods, Family Mart+, when uploading product pictures, the quality of the photos taken by the mobile phone may be too good and the resolution is too high. The size of the photo that can be uploaded and an error message appears. At this time, the easiest way is to adjust the size of the picture or directly compress the picture. To compress the picture, you only need to find the corresponding tool, such as TinyPNG and TinyJPG, which I personally like very much. It’s as simple as dragging an image into the service and it’s compressed, ultimately saving massive amounts of capacity without compromising photo quality.

This article will introduce “Compress PNG/JPG“is an easy-to-use online image compression service that can compress PNG and JPG images up to 80% and maintain lossless compression. The capacity is reduced and reduced, and the difference in file size is quite impressive. It can not only maintain the original photo details and size, but also make the file smaller. It is almost impossible to see any difference with the naked eye.

Today’s smart phone cameras can take quite high-quality photos, but the photos are too large, which not only takes up system capacity, but also slows down the loading speed if they are used on web pages. At this time, you can use the Compress PNG/JPG tool Do compression first. Sometimes when applying online, you will be required to upload your ID card, headshot, or other document images, and you may also encounter the problem that the image file is too large. You can use online tools to “slim down” the photos before using them , which will most likely meet the required image size.

Compress PNG/JPG

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After opening the “Compress PNG/JPG” online PNG/JPEG image compression tool provided by WebsitePlanet, you can switch between different interface languages ​​from the upper right corner. The default is English, and Simplified Chinese can be used to make the operation easier to use.

Compress PNG/JPG


Then directly drag the image to be compressed to the web page, and it will automatically compress after uploading. Click “More Settings” before uploading, and different compression modes will appear. Selecting “High Compression” may destroy the image quality or cause distortion , but the maximum compression can be obtained. Unless there is a special need, directly select “medium compression” to perform a certain degree of compression and take into account the quality of the image.

Compress PNG/JPG


Drag the picture to the webpage and it will be automatically compressed. After the completion, the file size change and compression ratio of the picture will be displayed. The picture below shows the default medium compression mode, which saves a total of 58% after compression. It can be seen that each picture The degree of compression is significant.

Compress PNG/JPG

If you switch to high compression mode, you can reduce the capacity by about 10%, but it may destroy the image quality and cause photo distortion and blur.

Compress PNG/JPG


Click the “Download All” button at the bottom of the compression results to package and download all the compressed photos, or download them individually and save them to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Compress PNG/JPG

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Compress PNG and JPG images up to 80%, while maintaining lossless compression without destroying the image quality
  2. Effectively reduce the loading delay of images on the webpage and improve the user experience of the website
  3. Three compression modes to choose from, all can be packaged and downloaded or saved to cloud hard disk after completion

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