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Contour plastic with fillers is affordable, safe and effective.

Konturnaya plastika fillerami eto dostupno bezopasno i effektivno. - Contour plastic with fillers is affordable, safe and effective.

Every woman wants to be beautiful and deserves it in full. But, unfortunately, youth is not eternal. That is why modern cosmetology is working on this, developing new solutions. Not so long ago, in order to radically correct and emphasize the beauty of the face, it was necessary to go under the knife of a cosmetologist. Now cosmetology offers many loyal and safe solutions. One of the most popular procedures has become contouring with hyaluronic fillers.

Facial contouring with fillers

The use of fillers for the correction of the face and neck allows you to achieve high results. Thanks to this procedure, you can reduce and smooth wrinkles, remove unwanted protrusions and depressions, and emphasize the natural contour of the face. For several years, the frequency of using these drugs and the number of satisfied patients has only increased: the procedure is much more accessible and safer than similar beauty sessions.

Correction with fillers can be applied after 30 years, when the skin becomes less elastic and the first wrinkles appear due to a decrease in water balance. And yet the most frequent patients are women after 40 years. It is at this age that the skin reaches its peak of prosperity, after which it changes dramatically for the worse, the face begins to “float”.

About procedures

The basis of the procedure are special gel-like preparations of hyaluronic acid, which are absolutely safe and do not cause allergies. The introduction of the filler is carried out by injection: subcutaneously or into the periosseous tissue of the problem area.

The gels themselves take root well inside the skin, are sterile and safe. But for each specific case, it is necessary to use a certain scheme, where a gel of different viscosity will be used. Using this technique, you can achieve:

  • The fastest possible filling of wrinkles around the entire perimeter of the face and décolleté.
  • Elimination and smoothing of nasolabial folds and folds between cheeks and nose.
  • Return volume to the cheekbones and cheeks, elimination of cavities.
  • Elimination of depressions under the eyes and dark circles.
  • Face and chin contour corrections, lip augmentations.
  • Skin rejuvenation on the back of the hands.

For some period, while the drug will be distributed, there will be a feeling of its presence. At this time, it will moisturize the corrected area, filling the skin with collagen and elastin.

Benefits of the procedure

Among the alternative methods, this particular technique can be appreciated:

  • Safe technology allows you to naturally enhance the beauty of the face and neck without surgery. Hyaluronic fillers do not cause allergies and are easily combined with body tissues.
  • A quick result will not keep you waiting. Already after the first procedure, improvements in the appearance of the problem area are noticeable.
  • Unlike surgery, the effect of the course of procedures looks natural.
  • The procedure does not require anesthesia.
  • After the injection, there are no scars and traces.
  • During even one procedure, you can perform correction on several areas of the face at once.
  • Filler contouring procedures do not require a long rehabilitation period.
  • The procedure allows you to save the result up to 4 years.

Carrying out the procedure

The first thing that the patient has to do before the session is a consultation with a specialist. The cosmetologist will tell you about the procedure or a series of procedures, get acquainted with the patient’s history, find out the client’s expectations from plastic surgery, and form an individual scheme of the procedure. It is important to find out if there are contraindications to the contour plastic procedure with fillers. Next is the choice and quantity of the drug.

Before the start of the session, the doctor cleanses the skin with special means. After the problem area is marked with a pencil. For a comfortable session, the specialist applies a light anesthetic cream to the skin.

After a few minutes, adhering to the chosen scheme for each individual patient, the cosmetologist injects with fillers, after which he evenly distributes them with massage movements.

A prerequisite should be the opening of the drug in the presence of the patient. So the client can be sure of safety and reliability, get acquainted with the terms and certificate of the medicine.

Indications and contraindications

The procedure will be useful for emphasizing the natural contour of the face, chin, cheekbones, cheeks. In addition, with the help of it you can eliminate and smooth out wrinkles, scars and cavities, correct age-related changes.

A plastic surgery session should not be done before the age of 18, pregnant women, patients who have any skin inflammation on the face at the time of the procedure.

Many women have trusted contouring with hyaluronic fillers and recommended it to their friends and close relatives because it is affordable, safe and effective.


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