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Cuts for wavy hair

Cuts for wavy hair - Cuts for wavy hair

Wavy hair is usually one of the most flattering styles to comb, fix and style, since its texture is neither completely straight nor Chinese, which makes it easy to make different cuts and looks to show it off. However, on some occasions its volume and rebelliousness are usually one of the main problems for people with this type of hair. On this occasion we recommend cuts for wavy hair that you will love.

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What kind of cut can I give my wavy hair?

No matter what, wavy hair favors all types of faces, however, here we tell you what is the best cut for your type of wavy hair, the trends and how to best style the natural shape of your hair.

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One of the recommendations that stylists give is to understand that curly and wavy textures should be cut dry, since, according to different professional theories, wetting the hair before styling it with scissors “cheats” the length and shape. of the waves and Chinese, so that when it dries it returns to its natural volume and extension.

wavy hair

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Now, it is important to mention that wavy textured hair can be diverse. While some long hair tends to be more attached to the straight, others are more Chinese. However, there are ways to style them in the best way.

For those who have wavy hair with soft waves and straight parts, beauty professionals recommend two perfect cuts for this type of density and volume: midi length or bob cut.

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Midi cut for wavy hair

Better known as midi hair, it will give your hair a natural volume that will highlight the waves. It is the safe and inflatable option if you want to show off bangs. Stylists consider that this way of fixing it serves to facilitate daily styling, since with head products and a brush it can be perfect.

midi cut for wavy hair

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Bob cut in a wavy mane

This type of style usually gives the hair a more relaxed and free appearance. Unlike others, it is not so strict and orderly, so it will give movement to the waves and define its features.

bob cut for wavy hair

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On the other hand, for those wavy textures more inclined to curly, beauty professionals highlight two more cuts: xxl long hair and short bob.

XXL mane for curly or wavy hair

This type of cut is distinguished by betting on layers and thus control the volume of the waves without losing their natural shape. However, one of the recommendations is to always keep it hydrated so that it does not lose definition.

Long wavy hair

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Short Bob on wavy hair

This style is characterized by being short, most of the time, thus giving more density and definition to the waves. The short bob style will give volume and body to your hair, which is why it is perfect for faces with an elongated shape.

short bob

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Layered wavy haircuts

Layered cuts on wavy hair are usually a perfect option to define the shape of the waves. This type of styling, in addition, usually removes volume and weight from people who have a lot of hair density, which is why it favors long hair.

Layered Wavy Hair

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Cuts for long wavy hair

Long, wavy hair flatters the body of the waves to lengthen them. The styles most requested by professionals are long shaggy and layered lob, which give movement and definition to the hair to show off more volume.

wavy hair cut

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Cut for short wavy hair

As already mentioned, the long bob cut is one of the shapes that stands out as being perfect for small styles, since it highlights the shape of the waves. Another style that could be the same way is the asymmetrical pixie, which will give a fresher and cleaner look to the face.

wavy pixie

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