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Cuttly free URL shortening service, providing custom domain name and link suffix function

In the past decade or so, many Internet services have changed. For example, the file sharing function of free space has been replaced by network hard drives and instant messaging applications. Message boards and discussion areas have gradually decreased after the rise of social networking sites. If If you say that the service will still be used, you have to mention the “Short URL” service! In the early days, URL shortening was only used to shorten lengthy links. For example, PTT BBS could not be opened because the URL was too long and was truncated. At this time, it was necessary to replace it with a shortened URL. Nowadays, URL shortening is also used in marketing, such as analysis Visitor information, password protection, specify redirect URLs according to different devices, set link expiration time or customize domain name, so that this service has more and more different changes.

This article will introduce “Cuttly“is a well-known free URL shortening service. Its nature is closer to Bitly. In addition to reducing the link characters, it also provides a lot of additional functions. If users want to simply use Cuttly as a URL shortening tool, there is no problem. , without registration, directly open the website and paste the original URL to generate a new shortened URL (this is the same as most of the same type of services), I shorten the link with one click and generate a QR code in “Url Shortener, which supports six shortened URLs Service” article mentioned that this browser plug-in also supports Cuttly’s custom API key function.

Although Cuttly is a free service, it also provides a paid upgrade plan. Depending on the payment fee, the available functions and quotas are different. If you only want to register as a free member, there are still some basic functions available, such as customizing the short URL suffix ( Change Url Alias ​​/ Name), set UTM or generate QR code at no additional cost, what’s even better is that Cuttly provides free custom domain name function (Custom Branded Domains).

If you want to set your own URL as a shortened URL, Cuttly allows you to use this feature without paying at all. Bitly did not have a free custom domain name later, so Cuttly can be said to be a free alternative. , of course, there is still a limit on the number of short links generated, unless you pay to enjoy unlimited quota, but the ability to create 1000 shortened URLs per month should be enough for many people.


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After opening the Cuttly website, copy and paste the original URL directly to generate a short URL starting with The URL shortening function does not require registration, but if you want to use advanced features (such as custom link suffix or generate QR code ) you must register an account before using it.



Cuttly provides a Chinese interface, which can be selected from the upper right corner and switched to Chinese. However, the Chinese translation is not complete, and some content is still displayed in English, but at least it may be much simpler than directly viewing the full English interface. Users can change the language according to the situation. .

After entering the registration page, enter your Email, password and check the terms of service and privacy policy to create an account.


After registration, you need to return to the mailbox to receive the verification letter first, and click the link in the letter to activate the account.

After enabling it, logging in to the Cuttly console will look like the picture below, and there will be information such as the short URL generated by the user, the number of clicks, and this month’s traffic.



After logging in, paste the original link from the URL shortening function below, click “Shorten” to get the short URL, copy it and use it.



There is a row of function buttons below the short URL, such as updating the URL alias/name, setting UTM, password protection, jumping to the page on mobile devices, changing the URL, managing the title, or setting the link expiration time. It should be noted that most of the functions require payment. Use, if the upgrade plan page appears after clicking, it means that this function cannot be used in the free plan.


Try to click Change URL alias, select a custom URL to be set, such as pseric, if it can be used, it will display the message of correct change.


In this way, a short URL format like pseric can be obtained, which is easier to remember and clearer at a glance.



In addition to changing custom URLs, Cuttly’s free plan also has the function of setting UTM parameters (Urchin Tracking Module). By adding UTM parameters, Google Analytics can record user behavior more accurately.



Click the “QR code” below the short URL to get the QR code image, which can be downloaded in PNG, JPEG and WebP formats, but the custom function requires a paid upgrade to use.



Find “Custom Branded Domains” from the menu on the left, which is the custom domain name function. You can add the user’s own URL and use the Cuttly system to create a short URL. When adding, you need to set an A record and TXT record (for domain verification. Name ownership), you can join by following Cuttly’s prompts and performing relevant operations, and the process will not be too cumbersome.


Adding a custom URL will ask if you want to use the SSL certificate function, or you can directly choose to use Let’s Encrypt’s free SSL certificate.


Cuttly will send the verification domain name ownership and related settings to the user’s mailbox by email. After completing the verification by modifying the DNS A and TXT records, the URL can be added to Cuttly. The website has a suggestion to use a subdomain (Subdomain) as an abbreviation The URL is used to prevent the main URL from being unable to access the original website content after the record is changed.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Cuttly URL shortening service provides free custom domain name function
  2. You can customize the link suffix of short URL, set UTM and generate QR code image
  3. There is a free usage limit of 1000 short URLs per month

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