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Daily hacks: Get perfect curls thanks to a soda can!

curling hack tiktok 2 - Daily hacks: Get perfect curls thanks to a soda can!

Why use a curling iron to style your hair when you have a soda can to hand? The latest trick on TikTok involves using these metal drinks containers to get perfect curls and waves. It may sound crazy, but this new technique has the merit of being inexpensive and straightforward to follow.

As you probably already know, TikTok users are no fans of keeping things simple. This is the very concept of the Chinese social network, where it’s all about ‘likes’ and visibility, pushing everyone to try to stand out. So, using a curling iron to make curls is just too easy for TikTokers.

After the T-shirt blowout and hair slugging with a sock, get ready to create glamorous curls using a simple soda can.

@jonathankmonroe Why is it spicy #curlyhair #hairinspo #hairtok ♬ Drake Massive Open Till L8 remix – Open Till L8

It is not a trend as such, as there is no hashtag dedicated to this very special hair technique — not yet, at least.

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That said, videos showing this trick are multiplying at high speed on the social network popular among younger internet users. And you have to admit that the result is as surprising as it is spectacular, making the technique an example worthy of following… or not.

Unlike many other beauty tips, the method used here is exactly the same from one user to another, making it particularly easy to follow. To get perfect curls, all you need to do is grab a soda can and a hair dryer. So far, so simple. Then, separate your hair into sections, and insert a strand into the aforementioned soda can, before drying the metal can.

@serenalakkiss Curling hair can hack??!!!!???? #hairhack #curlinghair #hairtok ib. @jonathankmonroe ♬ Drake Massive Open Till L8 remix – Open Till L8

Next, take out the strand, which — hey presto! — comes out with some pretty amazing waves. Remember that the trick here is to place each of the strands of hair into the soda can, and not to use these drinks containers as curlers. That’s a trend also doing the rounds on the social network, but one that’s much less effective. Now it’s over to you to find the right kind of can to get red carpet curls next time you’re hitting the town.

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