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Dark wine lips: everything you need to know to achieve wine-colored lips

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Autumn is here and with it the best fashion trends. makeup. Dare to wear some dark lips worthy of a witchy style to welcome the best season of the year as it deserves: the fall. Stay to discover how to achieve lips color vino that are perfect for any occasion, outfit y look.

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Dark wine lips: everything you need to know to achieve wine-colored lips

Autumn brings with it a color palette impressive and precious that allows us to combine and use with any style. The shades dark They are the favorites for this season and year after year the world of makeup turns to them to bring us the best trends yes or yes we should try. This year it is the turn of the dark wine lips, whose magic lies in the elegant, mysterious and sensual look that it brings to those who wear them.

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How to achieve perfect dark lips?

Using dark tones can be a source of fear, first of all because of the striking color nature and secondly because we don’t know how to apply lipstick correctly and we end up with an unpleasant appearance. Prevent this from happening to you and learn how to apply this type of lipstick.

Brown-haired girl with white bustier and black pants wearing dark wine lips 

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Pamela Segura’s perfect lips technique

According to the makeup artist Pamela Segura (@pametp) perfect lips are synonymous with symmetrical lips. In this trend achieving this is a challenge the darker the lipstick, the more symmetry you will notice. The technique that she recommends is the lined with color filling, which consists of keeping your lips closed and outlining the contour of these using a fine brush or a fine or flat tip eyeliner pencil to mark the silhouette you want, the trick of this technique is to color little by little checking the symmetry of your lips.

Medium tanned skin model with long straight light brown hair wearing dark lips

Important! If you are new trying this technique Pamela recommends that before preparing your skin you start with the lips to have a chance to correct if you make a mistake, support yourself from micellar water and a flat brush to clean the “imperfections” that you observe. Another great tip that Pame gives us is that the first thing you should do before applying your dark lipstick be defining what shape you want to give your mouth, whether it be lengthening it, enlarging it, marking the upper few, etc.

The best dark lipstick on the market

If you still don’t know what application or brand will help you show off lips dark heart attack, don’t worry, here we leave you some of our favorites ranging from the most prestigious brands to the cheapest.

Dark-skinned model in a black outfit with loose, wavy hair wearing dark wine lips 

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Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Tono 85 Protector

This lipstick is perfect for those looking for a velvety look, its liquid texture allows easy application, in addition to having an applicator that facilitates the task of outlining. find it on Coppel for $179 usd.

Maybelline brand wine matte lipstick container

Yuya Matte Liquid Lipstick “Chiquita”

This lipstick from Yuya’s makeup line is perfect for achieving a elegant and vibrant look. If you are looking for dark lips that are discreet, this wine color is your option. find it on Republic Cosmetics more than $119 mxn.

Yuya brand wine-colored matte texture liquid lipstick container

Bissú Matte Lip Cosmetics 28 Jakarta

Is 100% Mexican brand offers us an economical option to achieve trendy lips, this shade belongs to its line of matte shades that offer a extreme duration and perfect pigmentation. Find it at any official distributor Bissu or on the website for $46 mxn.

Bissu brand matte lip container in Jakarta color

Go ahead and dare to wear this dark trend:

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