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DaVinci Resolve: free video editing tool for Mac, Windows and Linux!

davinci resolve free video editing app

The good news is that there are alternatives to Adobe Premiere for editing professional-grade videos. There are many free video editing software on the market , but the best is DaVinci Resolve . DaVinci Resolve is the only program in the world to offer online and offline editing and numerous tools with compatibility to the 8K video format . In addition, the paid version DaVinci Resolve Studio allows the entire team to contribute to the same project in real time . It is therefore a complete software,  suitable for video editing professionals but also for simple onesenthusiasts and Youtubers .

Platforms compatible with DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is cross-platform video editing software that can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux . The download page for all enabled platforms is available on the Blackmagicdesign official website . Just download the free version ( DaVinci Resolve Studio is paid ) and install it on your device ( the Windows package weighs around 1.5GB ).

How to create your first project with DaVinci Resolve

This procedure allows us to create our first video montage with DaVinci Resolve:

  1. Open the application by clicking on the DaVinci Resolve icon;
  2. The first screen represents the Project manager, which is the container for all projects. Click on “ Untitled thumbnail ” to open a new project;
  3. To import clips, audio and images that you want to use in your project, select File > Import File > Import Media ;
  4. Choose one or more elements to add to the project and click on “Open” ( the selected elements will be framed in red) ;
  5. Drag the elements into the TimeLine to assemble the project;
  6. Add effects and audio tracks by dragging them from the “Toolbox” next to the TimeLine;
  7. To save the video click on File> Quick Export.

Remember that the Timeline view can be customized to your liking by simply clicking on the “Timeline View Options” icon.

How to add transition and effects to videos

With this procedure we see how to add transitions to our videos to soften the transition from one clip to another, or add the fade effect to the beginning and end of the video.

  1. Open the project on which you want to add the effects;
  2. Click on “ Video Transition ” in the Toolbox menu;
  3. The effects of “Video Transition” are divided into five categories ( we explain it in the next paragraph ), choose one;
  4. Drag the transition to the beginning or end of the affected clips ( a vertical rectangle will appear where you can insert it );
  5. Click on the rectangle of the transition just inserted to increase or decrease its duration, or set it manually by clicking on the “ Inspector ” button at the top right;
  6. To delete a transition just select it on the “Timeline” and press the Delete key on the keyboard.

DaVinci Resolve Transition Categories List

  • Dissolve : contains Blur, Cross, Dip to Color, Non additive and Smooth Cut fade transitions;
  • Iris ( Iris ) allows you to add effects to view the video starting from an arrow, diamond, eye, hexagon, oval, pentagon and triangle shape;
  • Motion: contains Push and Slide transitions;
  • Shape: contains the Barn Door, Box, Heart, Star, Triangle Left, Triangle Right effects;
  • Wipe : allows you to apply Band, Center, Clock, Edge, Radial, Spiral, Split, Venetian Blind and X Wipe transitions.

DaVinci Resolve cards:

  • Media : is the card that allows us to import and view video, images and audio;
  • Cut : allows you to cut out parts of a video;
  • Edit : it is the main tab that allows you to drag the elements into the Timeline. It includes two video preview windows, the first dedicated to the single imported clip and the second to the whole project. In addition, this tab contains all the creatives and tools to create the video montage;
  • Fusion : with this tool it is possible to insert the effects into the project with a sort of block diagram;
  • Color : is the tab that allows you to change the colors of the individual clips;
  • Fairlight : offers some functions for professional audio post production, with audio editing and mixing tools; 
  • Deliver : is the tab dedicated to saving and exporting videos. It allows you to save videos with a typical format of Youtube and Vimeo or customized, with dedicated settings.
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Learn how to use DaVinci Resolve

It is a professional software , rich in functions and potential and therefore not very easy to use. The Blackmagicdesign team provides the entire community with a series of PDF guides and video tutorials with examples, ready to be viewed and downloaded. Furthermore, thanks to the Blackmagic Design training program it is possible to attend certification courses in the classroom ( Milan, Rome and Viterbo), or online, to become an accredited expert on this Adobe Premiere alternative tool.

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