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Debunking the Myth regarding Monkeypox

Debunking the Myth regarding Monkeypox

Monkeypox is a rare disease, similar to smallpox. It is spread by the Monkeypox virus. It is found mostly in Africa but has recently can be seen in other parts of the world. It causes flu-like symptoms like fever, rashes, and chills that can take weeks to clear. There is no proven treatment but usually goes on its own.

Now that we are aware of the disease, we must some protocols to avoid it like proper sanitization, staying away from sick animals or people, etc. These are the protocols that are suggested by many experts that you can find everywhere.

But our motto here is to spread awareness about the disease and debunk the myths that are spreading every corner. Here are some myths related to Monkeypox.

Monkeypox Myths Debunked

Myth# 1. – Monkeypox is a new strain of covid-19

Fact – Monkeypox belongs to the smallpox family of viruses. Monkeypox and coronavirus have no connection. It has absolutely different transmission cycle, It is not airborne like Covid-19. Even though the number of cases is rising the rate of fatalities is low as compared to covid-19. This shows that this is not going to be as devastating as Covid-19. However, the symptoms of the disease are unpleasant.

Myth# 2. – There is no treatment for Monkeypox

Fact- In most cases, the virus is self-limiting as most of the infection resolves within 2-4 Weeks. For symptomatic care, isolation, hydration, electrolyte maintenance and Antipyretics are enough. Paracetamol, antivirals or other NSAIDs, nutritional support, Skincare and eye care is used as treatment.

Myth# 3. – Monkeypox is a new Virus

Fact – It was first discovered in monkeys in 1950. The first case of a human being infected. The virus was recorded in 1970 in Africa. The virus has been studied well and medical. Literature has all info regarding its spread and prevention. Thus it is not a new virus

Myth# 4. – Monkeypox only affects only Gay and Bisexual men

Fact – For this a big no! Although this outbreak’s symptoms are different from the previous. It is not limited for any sexual orientation. Anybody can contract the virus from close. Contacts. But men who have bisexual preferences are more prone to the disease.

Myth# 5. – Only Monkeys spread Monkeypox

.Fact – Monkeys have nothing to do with the transmission of the disease. It gets its name. From the research conducted on monkeys in Denmark, in whom this virus was first. Detected. In fact, monkeys can also catch the virus like other primates. Transmission. And spread happens through rodents and squirrels.


So, above are a few myths related to monkeypox that should be debunked. Our aim in this article is not to scare you, but to spread awareness. Being fully aware of a problem is the first step to the solution. It is very important to create awareness. We can take proper safety measures to protect ourselves once we are fully aware. Our advice is not to create panic but instead to take proper measures, like sanitization, and social distance to stay safe and healthy.


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