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Definition of Modem and Its Functions in Computer Networks (+Example)

Definition of Modem and Its Functions in Computer Networks (+Example)

Modem is one of the computer hardware that is often used to access the internet for browsing or other purposes.

What is meant by modems?

Modem is short for Modulator and Demodulator which have their respective meanings and functions.

The role and function of the Modulator is to act as a carrier of information signals from the center to the user (user). This process is better known as modulation, namely the transition of digital signals to analog.

Apart from that, the duties and functions of the Demodulator are as a receiver of signals which are information data from the sender. This process is a transfer from analog to digital signals so that they can be read perfectly on computer devices.

If seen from the explanation above, it can be concluded that the notion of a modem is a piece of hardware that acts as a media link for a LAN (Local Area Network) network to the internet network.

What is the function of the modem?

modem function on computer network

The modem functions as a two-way communication converter, namely from digital to analog signals or vice versa.

In simple terms, the function of a modem is to connect a local network to the internet.

The function of the modem in general is divided into several points.

  • Media connecting a computer or laptop to an internet network.
  • Signal converter media from digital to analog or vice versa.
  • Communication media either via sms or regular telephone.

Those are some points of explanation regarding modem functions on a computer (PC) that we often use as a means of capturing our internet signal.

After finishing discussing the meaning of a modem and its functions, we will continue to discuss the types of modems on the computer or laptop.

types of computer modems

There are various kinds of modems circulating in general, divided into several types based on the media they use.

1. Based on Installation Location

understanding of internal and external modems

Modem Internal

Internal modem is a modem that is installed into the computer in the form of a card that is embedded in the motherboard slot. This type is also better known as a Dial Up modem with access speeds reaching 12-20 Kbps.

External Modems

External modem is a modem that is used separately or outside the computer. Usually in the form of hardware that can be connected to a USB port.

At first glance, the meaning of internal and external modems is not much different, only where they are installed, namely inside and outside the computer.

2. Based on the Network

modem cable

Cable modem is a modem whose main medium uses a cable as access to the main network. We can find it in the form of telephone networks and cable TV. The access speed itself reaches 27 Mbps for download speeds and 2.5 Mbps for upload speeds. Well-known products such as Indihome for more optimal WiFi network access.

Wireless Modems

A wireless modem or modem without a cable is a modem that does not require a cable as an intermediary medium. Modem like this is divided into several types, for example, such as GSM modem, CDMA, and others.

i. Modem CDMA

Modem Wireless (Wireless) that can operate on a CDMA network with more than one signal in the same single transmission channel. As a result, bandwidth usage is maximized.

CDMA modem network access is more optimal because it uses a full spectrum, besides that there is no standard frequency for each user, making it more optimal. On the other hand, data access and cellular communication lines are also separated, which makes the network connection more stable. CDMA modem products such as Modem Smartfren is one example.

ii. Modem GSM

This GSM modem uses a TDMA channel with the help of a GSM sim card that has been widely spread. It’s quite easy to use, users just need to fill in credit to buy a data package so they can connect to the internet. This type of modem is widely used because it has a wide network.

Several types of GSM modem products such as Telkomsel Modem, Huawei Modem, Bolt Modem. The rapid development of cellular networks allows access to faster and more stable modem speeds with 3G, 4G LTE and 5G networks.

Several other types, such as HSDPA and HSUPA modems, are modems with the same specifications, these types of modems are very vulnerable to weather changes.

Modem ADSL

symetric Digital Subscribe Line is a modem that uses a telephone as its internet access. Usually this modem is equipped with a splitter to support internet and telephone networks simultaneously.

Other types such as Modem SSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) which have the same upload and download speeds. Of course, this is different from ADSL, which has a faster file download speed than the upload.

Modem ISDN

Integrated Services Digital Network is a modem that has been separately integrated with a wider network coverage with a variety of data, image and voice services.

After discussing the definition of a modem and its types, we will review how the computer modem works.

How does the modem work?

how modems work

The working principle of the modem in general is to convert digital computer data into analog signals which will be sent to other networks such as radio or telephone, after which the data will be processed again by the modem into digital data so that the computer can connect to the internet network.

Another interesting article about what wireless means and how it works, to its full advantages and disadvantages.

If you look at how the modem device works on a computer it is very simple and of course with this device we can connect online between one computer and another.

Based on the description above, the meaning and function of a modem in a computer network is indeed quite complex as the main support for internet access.

An explanation of the meaning of a modem and modem functions and how modems work on a computer network can be your reference in choosing the types of modems on the market with all their advantages or disadvantages.


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