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Discreet and elegant back tattoos that will make you look sexy

Discreet and elegant back tattoos that will make you look - Discreet and elegant back tattoos that will make you look sexy

Check out these back tattoo ideas that will inspire you to add a new line to your skin. Do not worry if you are new to this world because we also bring creative ideas for you to encourage you to get your first tattoo, are you ready to launch into the tattoo studio?

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In the world of tattoos there are a thousand and one possibilities of designs to wear. There are those who bet on recreating something seen on the internet and those who opt for a unique and personalized design. Whatever the case, the reality is that this artistic expression on the skin has become the favorite of many of us.

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sexy back tattoo ideas

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And it is that a tattoo can help us look very sexy regardless of the area in which it is located, however, today we tell you about tattoos on the back because summer is coming and we think that it is the perfect season to show off an incredible design in this area of ​​the body.

Phrase tattoos


The minimalist phrases are the perfect design for those who are not looking for a flashy tattoo. Many girls find great inspiration in song phrases, poems or literary quotes to make these designs. These usually go in cursive and with an extra fine line that gives the tattoo an elegant and very discreet look.

Little ones

If you are just starting out with tattoos, our advice is to start with a small one because as it is our first experience we are afraid of the amount of pain we are going to experience. You can bet on a small figurine, a flower, an important date or the initials of someone or something important to you.

Tattoos on the spine

The spine is one of the sexiest areas where you can get a tattoo. Experts say that this area is very painful but we are sure that the little bit of suffering is well worth it. And it is that the tattoos in this area are perfect to show off super pronounced necklines or swimsuits with bare backs.

big tattoos

Bunch of flowers

These tattoos, in addition to being very feminine, are perfect for those looking for large and striking tattoos. They look spectacular with blouses with low backs or fitted bodies.

Moon phases

Bring out your esoteric side and bet on a tattoo of the moon, in addition to looking super sexy on the back, they also add a touch of mysticism to the girls who wear them. You can merge designs betting on the lunar phases with phrases, spiritual animals or other stars.

Lotto flower

Do you remember that back in 2010 we all wanted to have an infinity symbol tattoo? Well, the lotus flower is the new infinity of this time, many girls bet on this design when getting a tattoo on their back, would you do it or bet on something more original?

Now that you know these designs, we hope that you will be encouraged to draw something flirty on one of the most sensual areas of the female body. Do not forget to share your photos of your tattoos on your back and show us how cool your design looks.

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