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Do you want these nail polish colors this winter

Nagellak trends lente 100kb - Do you want these nail polish colors this winter

1. Green

Green nail polish is beautiful! Lucky us, this remains a popular nail polish color this winter. Green in all kinds of shades should not be missing on your nails. Are you also a fan?

2. Bruin

Dark, warm colors are hot this fall. Chocolate brown is a shade that certainly belongs there. Not only is this a big trend this winter, it also goes very well with all skin tones. Dark brown is the color you want on your nails!

3. Black

Black is always good. That does not apply to all clothing, shoes and accessories, it is also a trendy nail polish color. Black is perhaps the most popular color in this list for this winter. It is a dark color, looks cool, classic and stylish at the same time and is also handy. Black can be combined with everything.

4. Glitters

Winter is all about the holidays, so you can never add enough glitter to your look. Your nails are also up for a beautiful glitter nail polish. Glitter nail polish doesn’t just have to be worn during the holidays. This can be done all year round, and especially in the fall it looks great. The days are already gray and dark enough, so your nails could use a pick-me-up! Glitter nail polish is therefore very trendy this winter. Provide your nails with glitter and opt for silver, gold or multi-colored to brighten up your outfit.

5. Nudes

Not a fan of colored nails? No problem, because neutrals are always good and have even become more and more popular in recent years. It is also a big hit this year, so a subtle nude color is perfect for your nails. Think of colors like white, brown and beige. These shades match well with the neutral colors we spot in the collections this winter and create a look that is minimalist, neat and classic.

6. Blue

Dark blue is a beautiful color for the dark days during the winter season. This nail polish trend is not only suitable for longer nails, but also beautiful when you have short nails. Continue the line and also opt for a blue outfit with your favorite jeans and a nice blue or white top.

7. Bordeaux rood

Dark red nail polish is the all-time favorite among nail polish colors. It is also a perfect color for winter. This warm, dark, wintery shade is easy to style with your outfits, and looks especially beautiful with black, brown, beige and white. You can never go wrong with burgundy!


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