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Does the “Long URL” service that makes URLs super long have other functions besides fun?


Does the

We often shorten URLs and reduce the number of characters through URL shortening services. One is to display URLs correctly on some platforms, and we can also integrate traffic statistics functions to check click results. Since there is a way to shorten URLs URL shortening function, is there a tool to make the URL become? The online world is really full of wonders. I introduced Make My Link Longer and HugeURL before, which can make URLs longer and more characters (but both of these services are no longer available), but what’s the point? It doesn’t seem to be, just treat it as a very interesting “long url“Tools!

Recently I saw a very interesting Internet service “」,Let users paste the URL, make it longerit looks very useless, and it is full of many uppercase and lowercase Os that are actually difficult to identify. The original l62 means that 62 o’s are followed. This URL application will make the URL very long, and then add a randomly generated suffix. would add hundreds of characters to the original URL.

Other than making URLs longer, harder to read, and more interesting, doesn’t seem to have any other features, so consider it an interesting service!If you are interested in the service, you can GitHub Find the source code (yes, it’s an open source project).

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After opening, it will automatically redirect to a long string of “long URLs”. The use method is very simple. Just paste the original URL and click the back button to generate a string of super long links. However, this The service has no additional functions other than making the URL longer, and the URL has neither the traffic statistics function nor the login management.


I will increase the number of characters from the original 20 to 330 after the lengthening through, and the length of the URL will increase by 1550%. It seems that the URL composed of a whole string of upper and lower case is very boring? Clicking on such a long string of URLs will indeed be redirected to the original URL, just like the shortened URL service, but does it in reverse. Is there any other application method? You might think about it.

Three reasons it’s worth a try:

  1. Free service to make URLs “longer” by adding hundreds of characters
  2. Open source project, you can find related program descriptions on GitHub
  3. Displays increased number of characters when generating longer forwarding (but what can be done?)

This article makes the URL become super long “Long URL” service, is there any other function besides interesting? It first appeared in the free resource network community, please follow Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to get more technology news and free resources related introduction and teaching.


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