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Domatron helps users create new brands, list various unique names and register URLs

When creating a new brand, you will consider whether the name is repeated, whether it has been registered or occupied by others, especially the domain name (Domain Name) is the most important thing, if you can choose a .com suffix is ​​the best Otherwise, I can only fall back and choose other suffixes, but this will encounter a problem, that is, one day in the future, will I need to spend money to buy the domain name in the hands of others? It’s best to start by finding a unique name that isn’t being used by anyone else, and then pre-check whether the name is available on the major social networking sites with one of the following services:

This article recommends “Domatron” is a free tool to help users build new brands. It can list excellent, unique, and awesome-looking brand names. The point is that the .com domain name of these names may still be registered, and a Logo is attached The logo can help you find some inspiration. If you are not sure whether the tonality of the name matches the main axis of the brand you want to create, Domatron will also give some purpose keywords to allow users to find a more perfect name from these options.

Domatron doesn’t make money from giving advice, even search keywords are free to use, but give a few domain registrars when registering a domain name, maybe get them some referral bonuses, anyway, users still You can choose your favorite or familiar registrar to register, which is very useful when you want to build a new brand and want to confirm whether the .com URL can be registered.


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After opening the Domatron website and scrolling down, you will see a variety of very good names, most of which are self-created words or combinations of words. Pairing it with a simple Logo will give you a little concept, and some words are pretty good at first glance. The .com domain names for these words are probably still available to register (as long as no one else registers before you and usually can).



If you have a preference for a word to appear, you can type it in the search field and Domatron will display possible relevant results.



After clicking any name, it will check whether the domain name of .com has been registered. A green tick means it is still available. Hurry up and choose the recommended domain name registrar below to register this website! Some available service types, applications, or contextual keywords will also be displayed under the domain name, and more related name suggestions will be displayed from Domatron after clicking.


For example, you can register this URL from the Google Domains website. The annual price is $12. What is more interesting is that Google Domains will also display in-depth analysis results to help users pre-judge whether the URL is good, whether there are typos, or whether it is easy to read or not. It’s a good input, you can try it out, if you want to develop a new brand in the next year, you can get some suggestions from Domatron, get the .com domain name first, maybe get a good key position in the initial stage, and avoid buying from others in the future URL issue.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Domatron assists users in naming new brands with a list of great, special, awesome-looking brand names
  2. These names may also be registered as .com domain names, so that there is no worries at the beginning of the business
  3. The website provides six recommended domain name registrars, and users can also register with the registrars they are familiar with and prefer

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