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DUMPOR Online Tool to Browse and Download Instagram Posts and Stories Anonymously

DUMPOR Online Tool to Browse and Download Instagram Posts and Stories Anonymously

It is difficult to browse anonymously on the Instagram platform, because it is very common to encounter prompt messages requiring registration and login account, and many contents cannot be read normally without login. At this time, many people choose to open a “small account” to steal Look, but small accounts will still leave records when they watch the limited-time news, so is there a way to hide their whereabouts? Previously, I wrote a teaching article “Nine anonymous peeps of IG limited-time dynamics without leaving viewing records” teaching article to help you browse other IG users’ limited dynamics, selected dynamics or posts without being discovered by the other party .

This article will introduce “DUMPS“Similar to the services mentioned above, the main function is to allow users to browse IG-related content without registration or login (anonymous), including online viewing of personal files, continuous short videos (Reels), limited-time dynamics, followers, and followers. Marked posts, etc. can also store and download pictures and video content. There are many services of the same type, and it is very simple to use. Just open the website and paste the IG user account you want to peek at to browse.

However, DUMPOR does not have the function of logging in to the account, and it is still impossible to decrypt the viewing content for accounts with non-public and private permissions.


use teaching


After opening the DUMPOR website, directly enter the IG user account to be browsed (such as playstation), or enter keywords such as locations and tags.



Find the IG account you want to browse from the search results, and click on the big head post to start browsing related posts and limited-time updates.



Click to enter the user account, and you will see the number of posts, followers and other information. You can start browsing photos and posts from the bottom, and you will not be prompted to register to continue browsing IG because you have not logged in. If you want to view Just click the middle “Show Stories” button for the user’s limit.

Before using this function, it is recommended to use the “incognito mode” of the browser to open it, so as to avoid leaving related browsing records to the greatest extent.


After clicking to display the limited-time dynamics, you will see the recent limited content of the IG account. If it is a photo or video, you can also click the right button to download and save it (the download button in the upper right corner is temporarily unavailable).


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Browse all kinds of content on Instagram, including profiles, Stories, followers and more, completely anonymously
  2. Simply copy and paste the Instagram account you want to view on the DUMPOR page to browse the content
  3. In addition to browsing content, DUMPOR also allows users to download Instagram pictures and videos


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