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Effective and safe eye make-up removal

snyatie makiyaga - Effective and safe eye make-up removal

Were you born with thick eyelashes as black as coal? Bravo! But most of us are not so lucky, but new lengthening and thickening mascaras have been created for our needs. After all, each of us wants to seduce with a look, as well as maintain the effect of beautiful eyelashes for as long as possible, regardless of the weather. Waterproof mascara is the best assistant in this – it is easy to apply, but not always easy to remove. Read on and you’ll learn how to remove eye makeup without damaging or damaging your lashes.

Waterproof mascaras

Before moving on to eye makeup removal methods, there are a few points about mascara that you should be aware of. You must remember that the price of a product is not an indicator of its quality. You have to use trial and error until you find the perfect mascara for your lashes. Choose different companies and mascaras with different features and you will find out which one best enhances your beauty. Experiment, but beware of waterproof ink. Not only do they dry out the eyelashes, they are also difficult to wash off. Use this cosmetic product only in situations where you have no other choice.

Another suggestion is if you use an eyelash curler, do it before applying mascara. Otherwise, you will only damage and pull out the eyelashes. Also, remember to always remove your mascara before bed. If you don’t, it will dry out on your lashes, destroying their structure.


Keep an eye on the eye area during make-up removal because they are very sensitive. You should never rub and rub your skin because you risk getting irritated. There is a way to fly it easily and fearlessly. Prepare a small towel, soak it in warm water and wring it out; fold it and apply the resulting compress to your closed eyes for about a minute. The entire procedure is designed to dissolve the wax and other ingredients in the mascara that cause the mascara to dry out when applied to the lashes. Now you can remove makeup much easier.

Store shelves are full of makeup removers. Which to choose? You can find oil-free eye make-up removers in every pharmacy. Their use is much simpler than a towel. Moisten a cotton pad (better than cotton balls) with the liquid and wash the closed eyelid several times in a downward motion. Turn the disc over and repeat the operation. Do the same with the other eye, you need to repeat the procedure until there are traces of ink on the cotton pad.

If you do not trust perfect chemistry, you will find makeup removers at home – olive oil and petroleum jelly. You don’t have to search long for the benefits of using natural products. Of course, they are cheaper than products bought in pharmacies, and besides, they do not irritate the eyes. In addition, they are safe for eyelashes and the area around the eyes. The whole procedure is the same as described above. Moisten a cotton pad with petroleum jelly or olive oil and wash the eyelid in a downward motion. You must repeat the action until the swab is clean.


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