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Eyebrow microshading

mikrosheyding brovey - Eyebrow microshading

Young ladies who cannot boast of “eyebrows are allied” are looking for more and more new ways to give them volume without losing naturalness. What methods do not exist at the present time. Eyebrow microshading – a new word in eyebrows.

Eyebrow microshading

Eyebrow microshadingIndeed, once upon a time, eyebrows as thin as threads were in trend and it looked natural for that time. However, now more and more stylists, cosmetologists and makeup artists are leaning towards natural volumes and colors.

What did girls who didn’t have sable eyebrows do before? Most often, they drew their eyebrows every day with a pencil or eyebrow shadows, styled them and combed them. Someone turned to more radial techniques – resorted to tattooing. Someone simply grew them (although this is not such a simple and quick matter) and further shaped them.

Now there are many ways to make eyebrows lush and natural – these are tinted eyebrow waxes that fix the hairs and give them color, and new tattooing techniques. We will talk about one of them in more detail.

mikrosheyding brovey 2 - Eyebrow microshadingIt is difficult to attribute eyebrow microshading to any one specific procedure. He bit by bit collected all the best from each. What is its essence and principle?

From the English “shade”, meaning a shadow (shade) and “micro” – small, you can easily guess that tattooing is done by dot (microscopic) spraying. As a result, you get beautiful eyebrows with a gentle, powdery effect.

It has long been known that eyebrows “make” the face. Therefore, after the procedure, you look natural, without the sad grimace of a clown, which gives a regular tattoo. After all, the smallest needles do not go deep under the skin, and the color remains on the surface, the paint is sprayed in the thinnest and most accurate way.

When Should You Try Eyebrow Microshading?

  • You have expressionless eyebrows and dull hair color;
  • Do you want to correct mistakes and make your eyebrows more voluminous by getting rid of the thread;
  • It is necessary to correct a pronounced asymmetry;
  • You are tired of resorting to pencil technique every day.mikrosheyding brovey 3 - Eyebrow microshading

If you have used the microblading technique before, then you will be interested to know how it differs from microshading. The fundamental difference is that microblading is the same superficial application of paint on the eyebrows, but only by “cuts”, and microshading is the formation of dots, but not lines.

That is why the procedure is less painful and looks more natural. There are no clear lines, as with tattooing or microblading. You get soft and smooth shading, as well as rich and natural color.


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