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Fashion shoes spring-summer 2022

Fashion shoes spring-summer 2022 can literally take us back decades. Heels of atypical shape, narrow toe, platform, lacing and weaving, futuristic and hypertrophied forms will again be in the trend.

Long narrow toe – a return to the past

In the 2022-2023 season, a long pointed toe will decorate mainly shoes with a low, thin heel and a flat platform. Due to the fact that modern couturiers are crazy about the Gothic heritage, new collections will present pointed shoes with a glass heel, as well as ballet flats, in which the toe is highlighted with rhinestones or a floral print.

Pointed shoes can make any bow feminine and elegant. Spring and summer season 2022 offer a very wide range of shoes:

  • slingbacks;
  • ankle boots;
  • classic boats;
  • sandals;
  • Mule.

These shoes are in perfect harmony with any outfit: skirts and dresses, trousers. The trend of the season 2022 are bow-tie shoes with a narrow toe. Cute decor can be located both on the noses and on the heel.

A novelty of the coming summer will be slingback shoes with a pointed toe and an open heel. A good example of such a model can be shoes with a glass heel. Transparent slingbacks with a mesh design will be incredibly popular.

The SS 2022 trendy shoes with a long narrow toe would look great with loose jeans and palazzo trousers, according to a photo from fashion magazines.

Figured heel in spring-summer shoes

Figured heels are one of the key trends in fashionable shoes for the upcoming season. Eminent couturiers have developed original forms of heels, making their collections unique. For example, the Loewe brand has developed a form in the form of a bottle of nail polish and rose flowers, Balmain – in the form of a gold watch strap, a bar of soap and festive candles.

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In 2022, designers offered the fair sex to opt for original figured heels:

  1. Kitten Hills. This small heel from 3-4 cm adorned both shoes and sandals and even spring boots;
  2. A-line heel. The trapezoid heel, being the “antagonist” of the classic stiletto, does not go out of fashion for several seasons in a row;
  3. Bevel. Outwardly, such a heel looks like an irregular triangle. Shoes with a similar element look very impressive and even slightly defiant;
  4. Transparency. In the 2022 season, dim and completely transparent heels will be at the peak of popularity. On summer shoes, they look incredibly unusual and stylish.

Curly heels that look like springs, a truncated cone and a sphere will become no less popular.

High heel and platform

Thinking about what fashionable shoes will be in trend in the spring-summer 2022 season, one cannot help but recall retro-style models with high wide heels. It is worth paying attention to the square shape, rectangular and concave.

The platform from the long forgotten zero appeared in all the fashionable designer collections of the spring-summer 2022 season, whether it be shoes, boots, ankle boots or sandals. The tractor sole, so relevant in past seasons, is slightly losing ground, passing the “reins of power” to the beloved classics:

  1. Shoes. Alice, stylist: “Bright color palettes, high heels and platforms were popular back in the 70s, but now they are back at the “fashion top”.” Also in the trend will be stylish loafers, mostly with a wide toe;
  2. Sandals. The most comfortable sandals with massive soles can perfectly fit into both beach and evening bows. They look best with a dress or shorts. The top ones will be: cork platform, light ethnic print and wood imitation;
  3. Flip flops. Stylish flip-flops have long ceased to be a part of exclusively beach fashion. Nowadays, you can safely go to a restaurant, to meet friends or even to the office in them. Decor in the form of beads and twine on the platform will help create an urban bow;
  4. Slip-ons. These shoes are indispensable in casual style. Decor is in trend in the form of: sequins, a metal sock and feathers;
  5. Treads. Demi-season shoes on platforms look not only original, but also as comfortable and convenient as possible. Graceful models with both pointed and rounded toes and chiselled soles are in fashion;
  6. Boots. Platform boots will be incredibly popular in 2022, because they are very comfortable and go with any look. Both classic black and various prints are relevant;
  7. Sandals. Fashionistas who prefer sporty chic will be able to fall in love with platform sandals, more reminiscent of the sole of sneakers. They will be distinguished from other shoes by inflated straps, Velcro fasteners and logo prints;
  8. Espadrilles. These shoes are a reflection of a classic that has been slightly modified. A pair of shoes so popular in the coming season, the emphasis of which falls on a woven raffia platform, will deserve special attention.

Designers presented a very wide range of fashionable women’s shoes with heels and platforms for the spring-summer 2022 season in all styles.

Comfortable shoes – ballet flats

In the coming summer, you should not give up on comfortable ballet flats so beloved by everyone. In 2022, they will look very original, attracting the attention of others through:

  • shiny satin material;
  • textured wool;
  • with a bow and ribbons;
  • lacing.

Another cult shoe trend for women of the spring-summer 2022 season will be soft ballerinas, which, despite their unusualness, are in perfect harmony with dresses, skirts, sundresses, jeans and shorts. Natalia, stylist: “Ballet shoes with a pointed toe will be no less in demand.” Will they be in trend next summer?

  1. Suede and leather models. Such shoes are considered classics and are of high quality. However, it is best to wear them not in summer, but in spring;
  2. With bows, ribbons and lacing. A cute little bow looks flirtatious and cute. Satin bows decorating the socks of ballet shoes will be very popular. Laces and ribbons will help to tightly fix the shoes on the female leg. A similar model, reminiscent of a ballerina’s pointe shoes, looks gentle and romantic;
  3. Bright color solutions. Saturated colors are the current trend of the 2022 season. Raspberry, fuchsia, purple, lemon and light green are at the peak of popularity. Also in the top are golden and silver models;
  4. Round or round toe. In the coming year, not only narrowed toes, but also rounded ones will be relevant. Eminent couturiers decorated their shoes with beads, rhinestones, sequins, embroideries, chains and buckles.

As for the color palette of fashionable women’s shoes for the spring-summer 2022 season, it is worth dwelling on light, delicate palettes: white, beige, milky. In the photo from fashion shows, you can still see a floral print, animalistic (like a zebra, python, tiger).

Openwork ballet flats will become a harmonious completion of an evening or romantic outfit for women. The trend is the classic black and white model, as well as bright red, yellow and green colors.

Shoe straps

In the coming summer, fashionable women’s shoes will surprise the fair sex with an original and bright design, as well as very concise models full of grace. The most striking, but at the same time very original embodiment of the minimalist style in shoes, will be various straps.

The combination of high stilettos and long straps that can be tied in a bow at the ankle looks incredibly stylish and sexy. These graceful shoes can be combined with any women’s outfits: from chiffon romantic dresses to summer skinny trousers and ripped shorts.

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One of the hottest shoe trends for spring/summer 2022 is the Roman gladiator-inspired sandal, with straps intertwined and ties up to both ankle and knee height. This model is most appropriate in the style of boho.

Another trend that is directly related to straps is shoes, where they wrap around not only the shin, but the entire foot. Maria, stylist: “These models look very original and are great for a hot summer.” The heel should not be too big, an average height will be enough. Graceful straps in themselves can add sophistication, competently completing any romantic or solemn bow.

Ribbons and lacing

Fashionable shoes for the spring-summer 2022 season, decorated with ribbons and lacing, will add elegance and sophistication to any bow. The trend will be shoes and sandals with bows, adding femininity. With such models, it is worth wearing short dresses and classic-cut skirts.

Designers complemented their products with satin ribbons that can be effectively tied in the form of a bow around a woman’s leg. Ties made of genuine leather will look no less interesting.

Lacing can be:

  • functional;
  • decorative;
  • connect the “halves” of shoes;
  • wrap around a woman’s leg from above.

Lacing is good because through it you can independently adjust the width of any shoe. Among other things, shoes decorated with lacing make the silhouette slimmer, stretching it.

New for the 2022 season are sandals with jute and ropes in a marine style. No less interesting model are flip flops with high spectacular strings, like Donatella Versace.

Feathers are the main trend of the season

A hit among the decorated elements of the most fashionable shoes of the spring-summer 2022 season will be beautiful feathers of exotic birds. This trend can be traced in every collection of eminent couturiers. Designers decorated shoes, sandals and sandals with feathers, regardless of the height of the platform and heels.

Some were able to focus on the heels themselves, “showering” them with feathers. As usual, either ostrich or peacock feathers are used. It is important to understand what is taken on the feather itself, and only fluff is a soft gentle “undercoat”. Eminent couturiers use not only natural feathers, but also artificial substitutes.

Sports shoes

Among sports-chic shoes, sneakers and sneakers are still fighting for the championship. Each fashionista chooses for herself a pair in which she will be more comfortable. In 2022, you should pay attention to the following models:

  • animal print on the soles;
  • futurism;
  • White color;
  • thin and arched sole;
  • varnish surface;
  • neon colors: raspberry, light green, lemon, blue.

Special attention deserves such a novelty as sneakers-socks, a color palette that is not limited to classic colors. The fabric upper, tightly fitting the female ankle, is in perfect harmony with the massive sole, slightly reminiscent of a wedge.

In the coming summer, both high and short models will be in demand. However, we should not forget about leather sneakers, in the style of minimalism and with an elastic band on the side.

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The not-so-attractive crocs have been replaced by incredibly comfortable sport-chic platform sandals. After spending the whole day in such shoes, the fashionista will not get tired and at the same time will be able to maintain her sense of style.

Fashionable colors in shoes spring-summer 2022

One of the key “fashion news” was that the white color scheme has become the “new black” because it can be seen in every model. Freshness, tenderness and purity are the motto of this color palette. However, the black color scheme will certainly be present in the spring-summer collections.

Relying on the forecasts of eminent couturiers, the coming warm season will not be dull and boring. Daring lovers of everything shiny will be able to choose shoes with a metallic sheen, as well as a golden and silver palette. Among other things, colors such as:

  • red;
  • burgundy;
  • citric;
  • lactic;
  • sand;
  • purple;
  • light green.

On the heels of shoes and sandals, you can see animal prints and atypical decor. Monochrome is still in fashion, but not black and brown, in burgundy, orange, green and purple. As for neon colors, designers supplemented shoes of similar shades with different details: ribbons, stripes, transparent elements.

The current fashion trends for women’s shoes for the spring-summer 2022 season are replete with their diversity. At the peak of popularity will be the long-forgotten zero, as well as bright colors and unusual decor. Each representative of the fair sex will be able to find an option to their liking.

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