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Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 – trends of the season

Untitled design11 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

Fashionable images of summer 2022 are striking in their diversity. Unusual combinations of color palettes, textures, materials and styles give fashionistas a chance to plunge into a new fashion world, feeling like a new person. In the 2022 season, the long-forgotten zeros will return to the fashion world, which will add a shake-up to the usual routine.

Trendy colors 2022

Fashionable color schemes for the 2022 season will be calm and saturated on the one hand, and bright and clean on the other. Pantone encourages fashionistas to get away from the usual cliches by trying to experiment with familiar colors. Among the most relevant tones of the 2022 season will be:

  • sky blue;
  • pink ice cream;
  • rich fuchsia;
  • luxury blue;
  • yellow daffodil;
  • ice blue;
  • turquoise;
  • mocha coffee;
  • purple;
  • take.

Do not be afraid to add new colors to your usual wardrobe this spring. Fresh colors will help fight the blues and push you to new achievements. It is worth paying attention to juicy berry tones: lingonberry, raspberry, strawberry. These shades will be perfect even when mixed together.

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Lacing on shoes and clothes

Fashion experts believe that lacing came into fashion at the same time as corsets.

Maria, stylist “Ties make the female image more interesting, add coquetry and zest.” The color of this accessory can either match the tone of shoes and clothes, or contrast.

As materials, the designers preferred:

  • the skin;
  • the cloth;
  • Atlas.

Lacing in shoes can end at the ankle, wrap around the female leg only below, or reach the knees, adding grace to the bow. The hit of summer 2022 will be sandals in the Greek style. Also, without lacing are simply unthinkable:

  • oxford;
  • brogue shoes;
  • deserts.
obuv na shnurovke1 e1650891354763 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

Speaking about the fashionable images of the summer of 2022 for girls, it is worth saying that the imagination of the designers was very diverse. On the catwalks you can find retro-style denim jackets, decorated with white lacing. In summer collections, you can see models of tops and dresses with a deep neckline, complemented by cross-lacing in satin fabric and other lightweight materials. The attention of fashionistas can be attracted by suede jackets and sport-chic windbreakers, in which retro lacing is present.

dzhinsy na shnurovke e1650894159393 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

It looks interesting asymmetrical lacing that adorns dresses and pullovers. This element looks very fashionable, feminine and sexy on evening dresses. Eminent couturiers offer to opt for lace-up trousers, which have gained incredible popularity in the already distant zero.

Natalia, stylist: “For example, in the line of the Italian designer, you can find white leather pants that expose the front of the legs.”

Fashionable trench coat

A stylish trench coat is an essential element of a woman’s outerwear wardrobe. It adds practicality and elegance to its owner. It is worth noting that the trench coat is versatile and harmonizes perfectly with almost any outfit, being an excellent alternative to any jacket or blazer. The main fashion criteria for a top trench coat this spring will be:

  • oversized style;
  • increased shoulder line;
  • massive sleeves;
  • maxi length;
  • interesting collar.
trench moda e1650891917307 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

The 2022 season cannot do without the classic beige color palette. However, printed models also deserve attention:

  • in a cell;
  • “animal”;
  • floral;
  • with logos and monograms;
  • inscriptions.
trench e1650891748620 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

The hit of spring 2022 will be a leather trench coat, which can easily protect not only from the wind, but also from the rain, preventing you from freezing in bad weather. Lacquered models became no less popular, outwardly resembling the clothes of the heroes of the film “The Matrix”.

Among the popular prints in fashionable looks for women in summer 2022, one can single out the classic check. As for interesting color schemes, here the designers decided to add shine and radiance to their creations by creating models with a metallic sheen.

trench v kletku e1650891539120 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

In a duet with a stylish trench coat, your favorite jeans and leather leggings, a knitted dress, a maxi and midi skirt will look great. As shoes, you can choose rough boots, so popular in the 2022 season, and heeled ankle boots, and sneakers or sneakers.

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Base for summer and spring wardrobe

Probably, every lady dreams of having in her arsenal some kind of “base” for creating ideal images and going out into the world. The basic wardrobe of the warm season 2022 should certainly include things that match in color palette, style and style.

The base colors for the 2022 season are:

  • black and white;
  • beige and gray;
  • milky and brown.
rsz pantone fall 2018 kopiya - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

In the spring and summer of the upcoming season, fashionistas will not be able to do without the key elements of the wardrobe, through which you can create the perfect bow:

  • Beige coat. This is a versatile spring outerwear that will look equally good with dresses and sport chic style;
  • Knitted suit. This thing is indispensable for walking, it is very comfortable and versatile. It is worth noting that the designers created combinations of suits with both trousers and a skirt;
  • White shirt. This is one of the best investments of the 2022 season. A light-colored shirt is an ideal option for women in the office, and for everyday life. It will fit absolutely under any element of the bottom, and you can wear it both over clothes and in dressing;
  • Pantsuit. This classic shows how strong the character of the lady who wears it is. A pantsuit can be combined with: shirt and blouse, turtleneck, top, white T-shirt or T-shirt;
  • Jeans. The base model should not have cuts, scuffs, stripes and other additional decor;
  • Dress. In the 2022 season, it will be impossible to do without the following models: slip dress, flying dress, bodycon midi or maxi length, knitted;
  • Skirt. In the coming summer, satin skirts and mini-length will be in trend;
  • Turtleneck. This thing can form the basis of both business and everyday bows;
  • Top. This element is suitable for slender girls. It can be with sleeves or without them, on the straps.
Untitled design17 e1650892339322 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

The basic wardrobe, through which you can create a fashionable look for the summer, according to the photo from the shows, and save time on the training camp, should be chosen by every fashionista.

romantic style

Wearing a romantic style of clothing is inherent in any representative of the fair sex, and the designers decided to provide fashionistas with such an opportunity in the 2022 season. Using imagination and a very bold decision, eminent couturiers decided to bare women’s shoulders and legs.

romanticheskij stil e1650893068815 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

A classic of romantic style in fashionable women’s looks for the spring-summer 2022 season is the emphasis on the waist, because its basis is an x-shaped silhouette, built on contrast and soft lines. Modern romanticism in clothing presupposes the obligatory highlighting of the female silhouette.

Irina, stylist: “A feature of this style, of course, are lace, ruffles and flounces.” These elements can be found on skirts, dresses and blouses with bare shoulders. The trends of the romantic direction of the season 2022 are:

  • Delicate blouse. This element of women’s wardrobe can be combined not only with skirts, but also with jeans;
  • Lightweight material. Hit of the season – shimmering and shiny effects, chiffon and lace;
  • Romantic colors. Of course, the style of romanticism implies an appropriate palette of shades. We are talking about white, beige, blue, pink colors.
249802814 4392649090824327 7590770758477666764 n 1 e1650893121953 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

The romantic style of clothing is great for fashionable casual summer looks, social events or parties, and meetings with friends. Every woman should remember that such clothes can attract men and achieve success.

Dress with a slit

Cutouts and slits on dresses are a hit of the coming spring and summer of the 2022 season. The designers were unanimous and created intriguing models with slits:

  • in the style of minimalism;
  • from light flowing materials;
  • leather;
  • bright colors and shades;
  • decorated with ruffles, additional cutouts and puffed sleeves.
platya 2022 e1650895279577 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

An elegant dress with a slit, complemented by puffy sleeves, buttons, a belt and a luxurious neckline is the trend of the 2022 season. A model made of satin or silk looks no less interesting. The highlight in fashionable female looks for the summer of 2022 is drapery and a sexy side slit. Designers created their products with cuts:

  • ahead;
  • On the sides;
  • on the leg;
  • behind.

Business ladies should pay attention to a trench dress with a slit. For everyday use, a straight cut. For evening outfits, you should choose an elegant black dress with a slit in combination with a “Victorian” square-shaped neckline, complementing it with classic stilettos and a small clutch in a contrasting tone.

Untitled design23 e1650895116920 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

In models with a cut, the length of the product plays a huge role. Summer dresses on the floor with a slit look chic with a combination with a sexy neckline. For daytime, cold palettes are best, and for the evening – shiny and glamorous.

Summer 2022 is the best time for rich colors and bright colors in fashionable looks for spring-summer 2022: red, lemon, orange. The trend is shades of fresh mint, fuchsia, lavender and warm cinnamon.

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Floral dresses

Floral dresses are the perfect outfit that gives any lady femininity and tenderness. In the 2022 season, fashion designers “gave free rein” to both lovers of medium-sized flowers and a rather large print. Nearby floral motifs and images of birds of paradise can make the outfit more interesting.

For floral dresses and current fashionable looks for the summer, the actual colors will be:

  • sky blue;
  • pink ice cream;
  • citric;
  • ice-cream;
  • burgundy.
platya7 e1650894693851 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

As for the current styles, the most popular will be:

  • Fitted model in retro style. After the release of the acclaimed TV series “The Queen’s Move”, such dresses were at the top of popularity. Fashionable looks for spring-summer 2022 can be complemented with a belt, buttons or a hard corset top;
  • Dresses with ruffles and frills. This comfortable model is suitable for a beach holiday, and for everyday life. It is very important that it can be combined with any footwear: shoes, sandals, sneakers;
  • Maxi and midi length. A floral dress just below the knees is the perfect basic item for any girl. It can be supplemented with leather jackets, jeans and even a coat;
  • Robe dress. The hit of the season 2022 is a dress that can be worn both at home and on the street;
  • Open shoulder line. Such a model will allow you to demonstrate beautiful shoulders and arms;
  • Sleeve ¾. This model is suitable for ladies who want to hide their problem areas without putting them on display.
platya e1650894554408 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

The choice of floral print dress is huge in the upcoming season. It can be completed with any accessory and worn day in and day out.

Classic fashion jeans

Jeans are the piece of clothing that will always be in fashion. Only styles and color palettes will change. In the 2022 season, eminent couturiers presented stylish collections that intertwined innovative options and updated retro models. The trend will be:

  • free cut;
  • torn effect and scuffs;
  • kickbacks and cuffs;
  • classic cut.
Untitled design20 e1650894337794 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

As for the color palette, dark colors will be placed on top, but bright colors will not be left without attention. The 2022 season brought flared jeans back to the pedestal. The most relevant model of fashionable female images for the summer of 2022 will be a flare from the hip to the knees. This style is able to add a slight negligence and romanticism to the bow. Jeans will be able to “open up as much as possible” in a duet with sandals or shoes.

dzhinsy e1650893353868 - Fashionable images Spring-Summer 2022 - trends of the season

Models with a high fit will be very popular. This model is one of the most favorite among fashionistas, because it allows you to adjust the figure by hiding a slightly protruding tummy. It is worth taking a closer look at mom jeans that have a straight cut.

Along with the bell-bottoms, the low rise is also back. Of course, these jeans are the choice of exceptionally slender ladies. It is customary to combine it with tight-fitting T-shirts, tops and shirts that open the tummy. However, this model appeared at the shows no less advantageously in combination with a loose jacket and an oversized leather jacket.

An incredible variety of current trends will allow you to create the perfect fashion look for the spring-summer 2022 season for women. Each representative of the fair sex will be able to choose an outfit to her liking, depending on her taste preferences, figure and style.

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