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Feedrabbit uses Email to follow your favorite blogs, and receives content from your mailbox when updated

Many blogs used to use FeedBurner The service is used to “burn” website RSS feeds, but FeedBurner has been half placed by Google since a long time ago, with almost no updates and no more functions added. Last year, many core functions were even closed, such as the very useful Email subscription. Modules have also gone into history (please refer to the article “FeedBurner converts to a new version of the structure from July, exporting email subscriber data transfer teaching”).If you want to continue to provide email subscriptions to users, WordPress’s Jetpack subscriptionThe service is completely free, or consider as an alternative to FeedBurner.

This article will introduceFeedrabbit” is a free service that allows users to track and subscribe to their favorite blogs through Email. No matter whether the website actively provides Email subscription function or not, as long as there is an RSS feed, Feedrabbit can be used for tracking.the feature of this service is that it does not need to install any application, it is completely set up online, free users can subscribe to up to 10 RSS feed content sources, and send 20 email notifications every day. Add more quota.


Feedrabbit provides options to adjust the frequency of receiving emails, such as receiving emails immediately after RSS updates, or receiving summaries only on certain days. You can freely choose to use Feedrabbit to receive content updates from your favorite websites by email, even if the website does not provide Email There is no problem with the subscription function, which is a very useful tool for receiving information.

If you have a heavy RSS subscription habit, it may be more convenient to choose a Feedly or NetNewsWire reader.


use teaching


After opening the Feedrabbit website, copy and paste the website URL or RSS link, so that Feedrabbit will crawl the subscribed content.



For example, after entering the RSS link of the free resource online community, the website title, URL, format, description, last update time and article update frequency will be displayed.Sign Up to Subscribe“Sign up for an account to start subscribing.



Enter the Email to be verified by reCAPTCHA and start the registration, then go to the mailbox to receive the verification letter, and click the link in the letter to set the password.


After registering and logging in, it is recommended to go to the upper right corner of Feedrabbit to set the account settings and adjust the time zone to “+08:00 Asia/Taipei” or the time in your region, you can also choose the time to receive the summary.



After subscribing to the RSS feed, there will be a management screen, you can reset the feed title, and the recipient can only have one under the free account (but you can set the email alias). By default, Email will be sent automatically when the RSS is updated. Feedrabbit will switch to only sending summaries frequently, and you can choose to receive only plain text (Plain Text) update emails if needed.


If you don’t want to be notified by email every time an RSS is updated, you can also choose to send it as a digest, at which times of the week you want to be emailed, or whether the digest should be included in the content or table of contents ( Table of Contents).



After logging in, click “Subscriptions“You can manage subscribed RSS content sources at any time. It should be noted that a free account can only subscribe to a maximum of 10 RSS feeds and a maximum of 20 emails per day. If you exceed it, you can also consider paying $25 per year. The price is not too expensive and very convenient.



Feedrabbit will send the content directly to the user’s email when the subscribed source is updated.

Feedrabbit uses Email to follow your favorite blogs, and receives content from your mailbox when updated

Three reasons it’s worth a try:

  1. Feedrabbit lets users subscribe to website updates via email
  2. Free users can subscribe to up to 10 content sources and up to 20 email notifications per day
  3. Adjustable delivery frequency, whether to include content, table of contents or use plain text format

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