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Find a package: Easily check the status of major logistics in Taiwan, time-saving and convenient online package tracking tool

findpackage 1 - Find a package: Easily check the status of major logistics in Taiwan, time-saving and convenient online package tracking tool

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Friends who often shop online, buy online auctions or consume online will know that the platform will start to pick and tally the goods after the user checks out, and will give a set of logistics tracking codes after the goods are shipped. Through this The group number goes to a specific logistics provider to check and track the current delivery status of the product. Different platforms may sign contracts with different logistics companies. We can only manually copy the tracking code and find a specific query page to find the package (usually by The query page provided by the logistics company), sometimes it is difficult to track and manage these logistics delivery information when the quantity purchased is too large.

This article recommends “looking for a package“is a very practical online service that integrates various logistics, freight, and parcel inquiries in Taiwan. Users only need one website to query the current logistics, freight, and parcel delivery status, saving the time to go to the Google logistics inquiry page , supports 7-ELEVEN supermarkets, Family Mart supermarkets, Laierfu supermarkets, Circle K supermarkets, Shopee stores, Black Cat Express, ZD Express, Hsinchu Logistics, Kerry Daying, SF Express and post offices, all of which It is a common logistics service in Taiwan.

If you are shopping overseas, you can try these international express tracking integration services:

Another very useful function is “My Package”. Users can set a custom label for the query results, add package tracking, and quickly click on the “Find Package” page to query specific logistics information. Compared with the previous method, manual It will be much more convenient to copy this string of tracking codes and paste them on the specific logistics query page for tracking. This service can be used without registration at all.

Find a package – logistics, freight, package tracking

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After opening the “Looking for Parcels” website, you will see various logistics providers that support you, including 7-ELEVEN Supermarket, FamilyMart Supermarket, Laierfu Supermarket, Shopee Store, Black Cat, Home Delivery, etc. Integrating all query pages together makes it easier to query and use.

looking for a package


After clicking on the logistics provider you want to check, there will be a variety of logistics, shipping and FAQs sorted out. The focus is on the tracking number query function above. Copy and paste the logistics tracking number and click “Query” to display the information and current logistics. state.

looking for a package


The query results will display the two major items of package information and logistics information. If you use the store-to-store services such as Selling Goods, Good Selling + or Super Good Selling, it will display the pick-up store, the address of the pick-up store, and the pick-up deadline , payment information, and logistics information are the delivery status that everyone is more likely to inquire about. Usually, it seems that it takes a day to arrive from store to store. Enter the supermarket serial number to check the current status of the goods.

You can customize the label through the “Add to My Package” function in the middle of the query page, such as entering the product name or description.

looking for a package


Finally, click “My Package” at the top of the page to quickly check the logistics status on a single page. It is very convenient and useful for buying many things at once and using different logistics providers for delivery. You can also update the label at any time. Delete or delete all at once.

looking for a package

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Integrate major logistics companies in Taiwan, allowing users to easily check all logistics status on one website
  2. You can search for the four major supermarkets, Shopee Store, Black Cat’s Delivery Service, ZD Express, Hsinchu Logistics, Kerry Tai Wing, SF Express and post offices
  3. Customize the label and add it to the “My Package” page, and quickly click to check the logistics information


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