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Fonty checks the font, weight, style and text size used by web pages online

If you want to know which fonts are used by a certain website, you can actually get a little idea from it by opening the browser developer tools, selecting the text with the selection function, or directly finding the style sheet (CSS) file, but the style It is sometimes difficult to find the table split into several files. At this time, it is relatively more convenient to use the developer tools. In addition, online tools can also be used to display the font used by the web page after entering the URL.

This article will introduce ““is a free tool for querying website fonts. Just open and enter the URL Fonty will analyze the font-related information used by the webpage, and display it in a mode that is easier for users to view. For web designers who want to understand the layout of a specific website, Very helpful for developers, it will present the fonts used on the page in a pie chart, it is easier to see the range ratio of each font used, and it will also list the font weight, style, text size and example used .

The features of must be easy for everyone to understand, including a fast and simple web font analysis function, users can use it directly without installing or downloading any software, and there are also a very wide range of font options, which can also be found in The detection result displays the font family and related information.

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After opening, paste the link of the web page where you want to check fonts, and click “Analyze Fonts” to start analyzing fonts.


The original pie chart of the area used by the font will be displayed on the query result page. If multiple fonts are used, the percentage of the area covered by each font will also be listed.

Scrolling down the page will also display more information according to the font used, such as font weights, style, text size and complete font list, etc., which are very useful and can also be used To test whether your webpage has correctly set the font and text size of the webpage.

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Fast and simple web font analysis function, enter the URL to query
  2. Easy to use, no need to install or download any software, mobile devices can also be used
  3. Provide rich font options and font styles and other information


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