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Free vocal artifact: Notta Online Vocal Remover easily separates vocals and background accompaniment

notta online vocal remover 1 - Free vocal artifact: Notta Online Vocal Remover easily separates vocals and background accompaniment

If you want to remove the vocal part of the music, you usually need to perform complex editing, which is difficult for ordinary users to a certain extent, but it can be done quickly with artificial intelligence AI technology, and the effect may be even better. Before I wrote an article “Recommendation of the latest free tools for human voice removal, music conversion to accompaniment, and extraction of various musical instrument sounds” to sort out a few useful tools that I have introduced. There are quite a lot of similar services, with slight differences in technology, and some are even Can separate different parts of music clips.

This article will introduce “Online Vocal Remover“is a free tool under the Notta company. Notta mainly provides services for converting any audio file into multiple languages. Through the free tool, the human voice and background music in any music or video file can be separated. Users only need to upload the file It will be processed automatically, and the whole process takes about a few minutes, which is very simple.

Online Vocal Remover supports a variety of commonly used video and audio formats, including mp3, wav, aac, aiff, m4a, mp4, avi, flv, mov, wmv, can only process one file at a time, and has a length limit of up to 20 minute.

Notta Online Vocal Remover

Upload audio or video, automatically separate the accompaniment from the human voice


After opening the Online Vocal Remover webpage, you will see an upload field. Users do not need to register or log in to the account. Just drag and drop the supported audio or video files to the webpage to start removing vocals automatically. The previous introduction mentioned that the file length cannot exceed 20 minute.

Notta Online Vocal Remover


Uploading may take some time, depending on the user’s file size.

Notta Online Vocal Remover

It then takes a while to process (on the order of a few minutes), but I’ve encountered messages indicating that the service load is too high and must be queued, with the user keeping the page open until it’s done.

Notta Online Vocal Remover


After completion, the web page will display the separated instrument (Instrumental) and vocal (Vocals) parts, which can be directly played and previewed online.

Notta Online Vocal Remover

Click “Download” at the back to download and save a specific part. For example, Instrumental is a part with only pure music accompaniment and no human voice.

Notta Online Vocal Remover

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Quickly separate vocals from background music with superior results, simplifying the complex music editing process
  2. Just upload the music or video, and the vocal and background music can be separated automatically in a few minutes
  3. Supports many common video and audio formats, but the length limit does not exceed 20 minutes

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