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Gifboard makes keyboard shortcuts into GIF animations, supports Mac and Win

Remember the interesting online service “kCaps is a picture generator for making keyboard shortcut combinations, a must for writing documentation or teaching manuals” introduced earlier? It can help users generate pictures of keyboard shortcuts, which is very helpful for demonstration, teaching, writing articles, or making presentations. Compared with describing shortcut key combinations in text, it may be more attractive through beautiful pictures. It is easier to remember. If you think static pictures are not enough, the service to be introduced next can make the shortcut keys you enter into dynamic GIF pictures.

This article recommends “Gifboard“is an online tool for making a combination of keyboard shortcuts into a dynamic GIF. Just open the web page, enter the keyboard keys to be displayed in sequence, and click the generate button to make this string of keyboard shortcuts into a dynamic picture. For Add some spice to customer support or want to help other people solve problems.

Gifboard reminds me of LMGTFY, an interesting service in the past. If a friend doesn’t Google himself every time before asking a question, he can use LMGTFY to generate a link to help him search (actually very ironic).

Gifboard is suitable for both Mac and Windows operating systems, and the buttons on the two different platforms are slightly different. Gifboard can normally generate corresponding button icons. There is no need to register, log in or download software to use this service. The GIF page can also customize text messages. Of course, users can also download and use GIF dynamic images. If you need to display shortcut key combinations in a dynamic way, but you don’t want to make your own, you can try Gifboard.


use teaching


After opening the Gifboard website, you will see the selection options of Mac and Windows buttons. There are different buttons respectively.


If the keys are not easy to type, you can also use the preset keys below to join directly, such as Ctrl, Alt, Win or the reverse key.



After setting the button combination to make animation, click “Generate GIF” at the bottom and wait for a while to generate a GIF image. Users can also add custom messages to be displayed on the animation image. However, only English is supported, and Chinese input will be displayed. Can’t show it!


The keys presented by Windows and Mac are different. For example, the most familiar shortcut key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del can also be made into a dynamic picture in Gifboard.



After the picture is generated, get the sharing link from the bottom, or share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp and other platforms. Of course, you can also download and save the GIF dynamic picture for use. Just click “Download GIF” on the right to download the GIF dynamic picture.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Gifboard is an online tool for making keyboard shortcuts into animated GIFs
  2. Supports Mac and Windows, both have different display of some keys
  3. Can generate GIF dynamic image pages and save GIF image files for use


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