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Good Tape is an automated tool for converting audio recordings to verbatim transcripts, supporting Chinese and other languages

good tape 01 - Good Tape is an automated tool for converting audio recordings to verbatim transcripts, supporting Chinese and other languages

Many people should have the experience of listening to and typing verbatim manuscripts, most of which may have occurred during their student days. Simply put, it is to listen to the recording while typing the content into a text file, which is usually used for interviews, Interviews, meeting minutes, but typing verbatim is a very time-consuming and very focused job, because the recording may be unclear and disturbed by environmental sounds, and at this time it is necessary to keep replaying the same sentence to get a closer content, so it is good Tools are also useful, such as:

This article recommends “Good Tape“is an online tool that automatically converts recordings into text files verbatim. In the past, similar functions were limited by language and accuracy, but Good Tape uses OpenAI’s Whisper Technology, supports English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Danish and more than 40 languages! Users only need to upload the recording to generate a time-stamped text file or subtitle file (.SRT format), and can also customize the time interval of the verbatim transcript.

Behind Good Tape is Denmark’s well-known digital newspaper Zetland, the reason for building this service is that they are tired of expensive digital transcription services. Most similar services on the market can only perform well in English, but not well in other languages. OpenAI Whisper can solve this problem . Of course, Zetland did not invent artificial intelligence AI technology. They use API to connect Whisper, the world’s most powerful audio-to-text tool, to save users considerable time.

Although Good Tape was originally created for journalists, optimized for transcribing interview recordings, it can also be used in various industries such as marketing, business consulting, research, or making YouTube videos, and more importantly, to ensure that users upload materials Security and privacy, the transmission process is fully encrypted, and the data will not leave the EU (subject to GDPR protection), the archives are kept for three days without registration.

Another question that users may be more concerned about is whether Good Tape is free? It costs money to operate the service. If you need to generate income to maintain the continuous maintenance of the service, Good Tape will add a paid plan in addition to the free plan in the future to provide higher security, faster conversion speed and convenience (maybe similar to ChatGPT Same).

Good Tape

use teaching


Open the Good Tape website and click “Upload file” to add the recording file to be converted into verbatim. It supports various common audio formats such as MP3 and M4A. Then select the language of the recording file from “Language”. If there is no selection, it will use automatic For detection, it is recommended to pre-select the prediction to be more accurate. It supports more than 30 to 40 common languages ​​such as Chinese and English.

Good Tape

After entering the email, check the agreement to the terms of use, and click “Transcribe” to start the recording process.

Good Tape


It takes a while to upload the recording files. It is interesting that Good Tape will also give users some tips.

Good Tape

After uploading, Good Tape will take a while to process. Before the completion, it will ask the user whether to create an account. Of course, you can also close the screen. When it is completed, it will notify the user by email.

Good Tape


After completion, Good Tape will convert the recording file uploaded by the user into a text file, and it also includes a timeline, which looks just like the verbatim manuscript that I typed! There will be three options in the download section below: a text file with a time stamp, a text file without a time stamp, and a subtitle file. Click to download and save it directly.

Good Tape

The default is every 15 seconds. Users who have not registered cannot set it. If necessary, they can create an account, log in, and select the time interval for the generated verbatim text. The shortest is 0 seconds and the longest is 20 seconds.

Good Tape


The picture below is the effect of using Good Tape to convert the audio format to plain text. It can be seen that there will be a verbatim transcript and the corresponding time. The format is .txt, and it can be opened normally on Windows or macOS.

Good Tape


When registering a Good Tape account, you can log in directly with a Google account, or set up an email and password to create an account.

Good Tape

After logging in, the operation method is similar. The difference is that you can choose the time interval of the verbatim draft, the shortest is 0 seconds, and the longest is 20 seconds. You can choose from the bottom right of the result page. This function cannot be used when you have not registered and logged in.

Good Tape


Then I tried to find another video to test verbatim in Chinese, using “Assassin’s Creed 15th Anniversary | A Leap Into History [台灣漢語配音版]“, I just think the Chinese dubbing of this video is very interesting. I use the YouTube download tool to save the video directly in MP3 audio format and upload it to Good Tape, and then select the language as Chinese.

Good Tape

Good Tape can also correctly convert Chinese recordings into verbatim transcripts in text format. Choose to download the .txt or .srt format from below. If you need to listen to and type verbatim transcripts in your daily work or life, you can use Good Tape to convert them to Proofreading from the text after the outline may save more time!

Good Tape

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Automatically convert recordings into verbatim drafts, eliminating the need for manual typing, greatly saving time and increasing work efficiency
  2. Supports more than 40 languages ​​including Chinese, English, Japanese, and French, and the recognition accuracy is quite high
  3. Data transfers are fully encrypted, protected by GDPR and do not leave the EU


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