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Goodbye to bushy eyebrows? Thin brows are back

Goodbye to bushy eyebrows Thin brows are back - Goodbye to bushy eyebrows? Thin brows are back

Thin brows are back, in particular, I don’t like them at all and if you want to make a change to your brows, please don’t do this. Here’s why you shouldn’t do it.

The No’s of thin eyebrows

It’s not a haircut

If you think they are going to grow, they are not, eyebrows plucked to the extreme do not always grow.

This video may interest you

barbie ferreira thin eyebrows

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That is why microblading or searching for how to grow your eyebrows is the most searched on Google, because in the early 2000s they were the coolest thing that could happen to you, but in reality, many of them did not grow back their hair and well now they suffer and are left worse with microblading.

Cara Delevingne the savior

Cara Delevingne in 2010 appeared in Hollywood with impressive, full and very stylish eyebrows, women who had removed 90% of their eyebrows suffered a lot, since their thin eyebrows fashion was forgotten.

cara delevingne bushy eyebrows

IG: @caradelevingne

5 reasons not to use thin eyebrows, the fashion of the 2000s that is back

trends always die

Why are you going to make such a drastic change of look if in the end this returning fashion is ephemeral and it is going to have to go away one day and you without eyebrows

they are not for everyone

I don’t want to demonize that thin eyebrows are horrible, but literally very few faces fit and look very good.

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