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Google Screen Recorder records computer screen in browser, saves in Webm format without installation

If you want to record screen images on your computer and convert the recording process into a video format, many people may choose to use screen recording software! In fact, the browser has video recording function, and it is not limited to the webpage screen, it can also record the entire screen screen, specific window or page, how to use this function? In addition to opening specific network services such as, RecordCast,, etc., Google also provides some detection tools in the administrator tool, including a screen recorder, which is very convenient.

Google Screen RecorderUses Javascript technology to record screen captures and audio in the user’s browser. This service does not send media files to Google or any remote services, but it should be noted that Google Screen Recorder only works on desktop computers , Notebook computer use (does not support mobile phone or tablet computer), and it is only applicable to Google Chrome browser or other Chromium core browsers, but after I tested it, I found that the Microsoft Edge browser cannot be used normally.

Google Screen Recorder can record screen images independently, or record audio content simultaneously, select the recording device, and record videos in .webm format, which can be downloaded and saved without registration or account login.

Google Admin Toolbox

Google Screen Recorder

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After opening the Google Screen Recorder page, if the red “Your browser is not supported” is displayed, it means that the user’s browser is not supported. This function only supports Google Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers (such as Brave, Vivaldi) .

Google Screen Recorder


When you use it for the first time, Google Screen Recorder will pop up asking for permission to use the microphone, click “Allow” to continue.

Google Screen Recorder

There will be a recording button on the top. By default, no sound will be recorded. If you want to record, you can check “Record audio” and select the audio device from the rear, which is the sound source. It may be a microphone or other equipment.

Google Screen Recorder


Press “Record” and select the content to share. The screen recorder can record the entire screen, a specific software window or a Chrome tab. When selecting, there will be a preview screen to roughly know the scope and effect of the recording. After selecting, press “Share” Start recording.

Google Screen Recorder

When recording, it will also prompt that the webpage is sharing your screen.

Google Screen Recorder


To stop recording, just go back to Google Screen Recorder and click “Stop” to stop recording.

Google Screen Recorder

It should be noted that there is no pause function for recording, only start and stop, and a file will be generated after stopping. Click “Download” to download and save the recorded screen video. The video format is .webm.

Google Screen Recorder

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Google Screen Recorder uses Javascript technology to record screen captures and audio in the browser
  2. Works only with Google Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers
  3. After recording, the .webm video format will be generated, and the video will not be sent to Google or the remote server


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