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Gouache massage for the face – effectiveness, performance at home

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The classic Gua Sha massage technique for the face gives the skin a healthy color, prevents flabbiness and premature wilting. The face becomes more even, hydrated and toned. For independent carrying out, you will need special devices. Gouache rollers and scrapers are considered one of the most effective. In this regard, the question is not uncommon, what is guasha massage for the face and how to do it.

Gouache massage for the face – the history of occurrence

The history of massage dates back to 550 BC. e. Then in ancient China, craftsmen created jade scrapers, which were later discovered by archaeologists in the tombs of noble people.

At about the same time, scientists found items made from livestock horns, clay, and stone at the sites of rural settlements.

For some time, people have been trying to figure out what the shape of a proper scraper should be. After all, each master was different. Later it turned out that it is not the form and ease of use that is important.

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The literal translation of the word “guasha” is “scraping out the disease.”

Specially trained masters ran scrapers all over the body, along the meridians and acupuncture points to improve blood circulation and energy. With the help of such regular practices, a person’s brain function improved and tissue metabolism normalized.

In the modern world, scrapers disperse stagnant lymph, as a result of which edema is removed, acne is eliminated, facial features are tightened, age-related changes are smoothed out, and the general appearance becomes fresher.

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In China, the technique is still used both on the face and on the whole body, and the quality of the tools has only gotten better. The shapes are full of variety, there are square, round, triangular, serrated, comb-scrapers, etc.

The Guasha scraper massage technique for the face is used not only during the illness of the client, but also for their prevention. It is believed that the technique removes toxins, helps maintain healthy skin, improves overall well-being, and promotes longevity.

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Useful properties of guasha massage for the face

The salons can offer several techniques for performing massage with a Guasha scraper for the face:

  • cosmetic – reduces skin defects;
  • prophylactic – prevents skin diseases and its problems;
  • diagnostic – detects skin problems and treats them.

Women often choose cosmetic massage because of its ability to hide flaws and various defects.

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There are many positive qualities of Gua Sha massage:

  • reduces deep wrinkles and eliminates small ones;
  • tones the skin;
  • improves tone;
  • removes toxins;
  • aligns the contours;
  • relieves swelling;
  • accelerates blood flow;
  • nourishes with oxygen;
  • lightens age spots;
  • improves the functioning of the immune system;
  • cleans pollution;
  • helps to accelerate the production of dopamine, endorphin serotonin, thereby increasing mood;
  • smoothes scars or scars.

The skin becomes taut, the contours are clear, the cheekbones are more expressive.

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You can choose the Gua Sha massage technique for the face at home, which saves significant financial resources. You only need to buy a scraper and a roller.

If you carefully study the instructions and follow them clearly, only good impressions and a noticeable positive result will remain from the procedure.

Other procedures can be combined with Guasha massage, such as peeling, mesotherapy, mask and laser.

The minimum effect will be noticeable even with daily 5 minutes. manipulations. If you need a stronger effect, you will need to massage regularly for half an hour.

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Who can do gua sha massage

Guasha facial massage can be performed at home, because it belongs to gentle techniques. A video of Gua Sha facial massage for the face and how to do it can be found on the net. The procedure is suitable for women over 18 years of age. It is usually used if:

  • it is necessary to get rid of puffiness;
  • eliminate mimic wrinkles;
  • remove signs of skin aging;
  • correct asymmetry;
  • remove the second chin;
  • lighten or eliminate age spots;
  • refresh the skin and even out the tone;
  • get rid of dark circles around the eyes;
  • remove the problem of acne and blackheads;
  • restore metabolic disturbances.

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Contraindications for gua sha massage

Despite the fact that performing the Guasha massage technique for the face has many advantages, there are some contraindications for use:

  • the presence of large raised warts or a cold;
  • oncological diseases;
  • if contour plastic has recently been performed;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • lymph diseases;
  • colds and infections.

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Due to the fact that the technique involves scraping off skin particles and rubbing it, thin, weakened capillaries can burst. In the case of fragile vessels, rosacea may appear, and red spots will forever remain on the face. And within a few days, bruises will be visible.

If there are open wounds of any kind, there is a risk of infection. Therefore, it is important to disinfect instruments.

Such a massage is not recommended if a person has poor blood clotting, or they are taking anticoagulants.

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Carefully work on any part of the face and neck. If you press too hard in the neck area, you can get unpredictable effects – lose your voice due to swelling caused by random actions.

Gouache scraper – help in choosing

Modern scrapers for gouache face massage at home are distinguished by smooth edges and comfortable recesses. They can be applied to the neck, face and entire body. They come in different shapes and sizes:

  • triangular – the most popular scrapers, ideal for working with the body and neck area;
  • comb – shaped like a regular comb. It is used to massage the head, its scalp. Thanks to this, metabolism is accelerated, hair growth is enhanced and their health improves;
  • rectangular – similar to a scallop, but has fewer ears, good for the head and back;
  • in the form of a paw – a bit similar to triangular, but the wide part does not have two corners, but looks more like a leg with three protruding fingers. These are usually used pointwise on the neck, in the area around the eyes and on the body;
  • heart-shaped – coarser in effect, more suitable for the back, legs and neck;
  • spoon-shaped – well suited for the face, neck and décolleté;
  • in the form of a fish – elongated, made for the face;
  • boomerang – also elongated, ideal for facial massage.

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Scrapers are made from different materials:

  • jade – green muted color. The stone perfectly tightens the skin, has a firming effect on the muscles, stimulates blood circulation, relieves puffiness, removes dark circles;
  • quartz – pale pink. A stone with an antibacterial effect, soothes irritated skin, relieves excess sensitivity, is a good prevention of rashes, tightens and smoothes the skin well;
  • wooden – noticeably differ in lower cost, but the service life is shorter. Many breeds used have an antibacterial effect and clean well;
  • metal – durable and strong, serve for a long time. They are made of copper, because it has antiseptic properties;
  • amethyst – rich lilac hue. Anti-stress effect, relieves headaches, improves sleep quality;
  • electric ones are the most expensive. They easily cope with small wrinkles and swelling due to temperature and vibration effects. They are larger than other instruments.

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The choice of a scraper is a matter of taste and convenience for everyone. According to Eastern belief, real scrapers should be made of jade, a stone of health and spiritual purity. To study sensitive areas on the face, it is recommended to use small scrapers, on the rest – larger ones are suitable.

How to choose a gouache roller

The scraper is usually used to work out various areas: the bridge of the nose, the wings of the nose, and the chin. It evens out the contours, removes wrinkles and swelling. The roller is convenient to use on the neck and décolleté. It stimulates good blood circulation, helps to remove toxins, accelerates tissue regeneration.

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Rollers are also made from different minerals, you can select them based on their healing qualities.

  1. Nephritis. Brings blood pressure back to normal, relieves headaches, eliminates sagging.
  2. Quartz. Attracts love and good luck, has a positive effect on the chakras, activates life-giving energy.
  3. Obsidian. Experts advise using it up to 3 times a week as a preventive measure. It relaxes the muscles well, reduces swelling.

In general, the effect of rollers is somewhat gentler than that of scrapers, they can be used without using special massage oil.

Preparing the face for a gouache massage

Previously, in China, they did not prepare for a massage in any way, because of this they received bruises and bruises all over the body. Today, experts advise to carry out some preparatory activities, especially when working with the face.

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Therefore, the answer to the question of how to massage the face with a Gua Sha scraper is to answer: to begin with, prepare the skin, clean it of cosmetics and excess fat, and dry your face with a towel.

  1. Then – apply massage oil or facial serum to the skin. You can use fat milk or cream.
  2. Rub your palms and fingers well.
  3. Lightly massage your face. To do this, you need to cover your eyelids and press on the skin in all areas. Pressing time – about 15 s., Then – 3-5 s. break and repeat the manipulation 2 more times. Walk in this way all over the face.

Technique for performing facial massage with a gouache roller

The rollers are suitable for sensitive skin. It is best to purchase a double-sided roller massager. The small roller is intended for the area around the eyes and for the wings of the nose. Large – for larger areas.

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It is not necessary to use oil, but if you want nutrients to better penetrate the skin, you can use cosmetics.

All movements during facial massage with a roller and guasha should go along the massage lines from bottom to top.

That is, the action starts from the décolleté, stretches to the neck, and then goes to the forehead.

Due to the regular rolling of the roller, the susceptibility of the skin improves, so the cream will still have to be applied after the procedure.

In the morning, the roller will help to quickly remove puffiness and easily refresh skin color. In the evening – relieve fatigue and even out tone.

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After the procedure, it is necessary to wash the instrument with soap.

For greater effectiveness, the roller should be used every day. The optimal exposure time is 5-10 minutes.

Any sensations should be carefully considered. If discomfort appears in some place, it is worth stopping manipulations.

Instructions for performing massage with a gouache scraper

The purpose of guasha stone massage for the face is to accelerate blood circulation and remove toxins, reduce swelling and wrinkles. For this reason, you should also act strictly along the massage lines.

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Each stage lasts approximately 60 s.

Masseur, Yulia Averina:

“First of all, you should wash your face, apply oil on it that does not clog pores. It is advisable to cool the instrument itself in the freezer before this. It’s so easy to tone up your skin.”

Execution technique:

  • the oval half of the product runs along the cheekbones at an angle of 45about. The tool must be moved from the bottom up, firmly pressing against the skin, but not stretching it. It is allowed to alternate smooth and ribbed sections;
  • the next stage is the area between the eyebrows and the forehead. You need a wavy area. The scraper also moves from bottom to top. Thus, wrinkles between the eyebrows will be smoothed out and muscle tension will be relieved. The ribbed section will help on the lines from between the eyebrows to the ears. After that, you can proceed to massage the forehead;
  • Next, the nasolabial folds and the area around the lips are worked out. Here you need a long smooth scraper area. You should move from bottom to top along the massage lines;
  • if necessary, you can again walk along the décolleté and neck area.

In general, the massage lasts for 5-7 minutes.

Guasha massage technique for the face can be found on the video on the net. Illustrative examples will allow you to do everything right.

At the end of it, you need to wash your face, neck and décolleté with soap and dry with a towel.

In order for the lymph flow to accelerate and the actions to be beneficial, you should move intensively, but not aggressively.

If you go against massage lines, you can contribute to the appearance of new wrinkles and the deepening of existing ones.

The first couple of times the massage usually takes place with painful sensations. Then the skin and muscles get used to it.

Massage with a Gua Sha facial scraper is one of the most common practices to improve the oval and shape of the face. It effectively copes with fine wrinkles, improves blood flow, removes bruises around the eyes, and improves the general condition of the skin. The technique of performing guasha massage for the face with a scraper at home can be easily found on the net with illustrative examples and massage lines.


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