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GPT Translator integrates ChatGPT technology to create the best AI translation assistant for travelers

gpt translator 8 - GPT Translator integrates ChatGPT technology to create the best AI translation assistant for travelers

With ChatGPT setting off a wave of artificial intelligence AI, there are countless tools, services or applications built on this technology, you should find that it is not only used to ask questions, but also useful for organizing, aggregating data or existing content Extending more creations, ChatGPT can indeed do a good job, and it can also be used as a translation tool. For example, the introduction of “OpenAI Translator uses AI to translate the original text, supports 55 languages ​​​​and can summarize articles” is built on ChatGPT The technical machine translation function, others such as ChatDOC and ChatPDF allow users to read documents in various languages, and it is more efficient to directly ask AI in the language they are familiar with.

This article recommends “GPT Translator“is a very interesting application that directly integrates ChatGPT as a translation machine for travel. This service is a developer from Taiwan, Jakevin, who makes a translation tool as a web page, opens it with a browser, and enters the original text to be translated by AI. Specific target language, which can be helpful for travel (but requires an internet connection to use).

What’s even better is that the translation result will be rotated 180 degrees and displayed on the upper part of the phone, so that the phone can be placed flat, input content and let the other party read the converted content in real time, without having to take the phone back and forth all the time. Both parties can also use the microphone function to directly perform text recognition and translation conversion in a spoken way, turning the smartphone into a translation machine for travel.

Although there are already a lot of free and paid translation tools on the market, GPT Translator still has some eye-catching functions, such as using ChatGPT technology for translation, which may be better than the existing ones in semantics and translation effects The machine translation is accurate; and the above-mentioned design that rotates the translation result 180 degrees and presents it on the top of the phone, I personally think it is very powerful! In addition, there are built-in history and pronunciation. If you need instant translation during travel, GPT Translator is a good choice.

GPT Translator

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After opening the GPT Translator website, you will see an interface similar to Google Translator, but the top is upside down. This is for the other party to read the translated content directly after the phone is placed flat. First, click the upper column and select the one you want to convert Target language (for example, if you are in Japan, choose Japanese directly), then enter what you want to say from the bottom, and click the translate button on the right after input.

GPT Translator


The translated content will be directly displayed in the upper part that the other party can see. If necessary, you can also click “Pronunciation” in the upper right corner to read it directly.

GPT Translator has a very useful function called “Translation History”. Select the icon of the clock below to display the content that has been translated. Click to bring the content and translation results to the translation screen. No need Repeat the entry each time.

GPT Translator


If you want to use GPT Translator as a general machine translation tool, click the “180-degree rotation” button to turn it around. The translation result above will not be in the rotated state. There is also a “pronunciation” button in the upper right corner Translations can be read aloud, which may also be useful in certain situations.

By the way, there are “microphone” buttons on both sides of GPT Translator, and it can also perform two-way text recognition and translation through speaking.

GPT Translator

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Based on ChatGPT technology, compared with traditional machine translation, it can provide more accurate semantic translation
  2. The translation result is directly rotated by 180 degrees, which is convenient for both parties to read immediately and improves communication efficiency
  3. Built-in history record, pronunciation function, also allows two-way translation communication through microphone


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