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Head scarf (50+ photos) – How beautiful to tie in different ways, trends 2022


A head scarf is relevant for women of all ages. It protects from wind and cold, provides comfort in winter. It is also one of the most fashionable accessories that can be worn in many ways depending on the chosen look and overall style.



The hottest accessory of the season

The trends for 2022 include more feminine models in clothing, while sporty style takes a back seat. In the collections of fashion houses, models of various sizes, shades and prints are increasingly appearing. They can be worn at any time of the year from the beaches to the formation of a winter look.


Current trends include:

  • plain saturated tones;
  • oriental with a combination of bright colors;
  • with glitter and bright details;
  • two-tone contrasting shades, such as black and white;
  • light textiles in the hair;
  • as a bandage.

Various wearing solutions are offered. They look both in winter and in hot weather. Available in satin, wool blend, synthetic, cotton materials.

A tassel finish is offered, but a neat and even edge without additional elements is possible. If you plan to wear under clothes, it is better to choose a plain product without additional decors.


When choosing, consider the features of appearance, such as eye and hair color. This is important when worn as a headdress.

Girls with blond hair are suitable for light shades of peach, yellow, light brown tones. With a cold type of appearance, you can choose a black-pink, blue, emerald version.

Choosing the right one for summer

In hot weather, natural and light fabrics are appropriate – cotton, chiffon, silk. They save from ultraviolet radiation, create a bright look.

Among the most popular are:

  • monochrome;
  • silk with floral or floral ornament;
  • light cashmere for cool evenings.
Among the fashion trends, the most relevant are silk models in country style.

You can use head models, neck collections for a shirt are designed in the same style. Collections are presented in a single style and color scheme. This facilitates the choice, helps to choose several solutions for everyday wear and a special occasion.

Designers focus on mixing colors and stylish combinations. Cool tones are ideal for chiffon, satin and silk. Cashmere is preferred in warm tones. The variety of offers allows you to create a truly stylish set with an existing wardrobe. You do not have to look for a solution in terms of colors and style for a long time.


If you want to create a truly fashionable style, be guided by the combination with other accessories.

Special clips and brooches look great. They not only look beautiful, but also fix the product in the right position.

Which one to choose for winter

In cold weather, you can look stylish. For this, only a beautiful tying is not enough. Choose the right color and texture of matter. It should be perfectly combined with a coat or fur coat, fit the type of appearance. At the same time, the model should be not only stylish, but also warm.

Opt for wool, angora or cashmere.

These materials are soft and warm, warm during frost and cold wind. Provides a high level of warmth that no scarf or headwear can provide.

At the same time, individual materials have their own specifics:

  1. Wool is comfortable and easy to wear. No special care required. There are prickly products, a more comfortable wool mixture, which is sufficiently stretched. Fringe is used along the edges.
  2. Cashmere has a pleasant and soft surface. After washing, it does not lose its shape, but requires careful care.
  3. Fur models are ideal for the northern regions. They are not blown, keep warm, are not blown.

Before choosing a specific model, read the recommendations for wearing, care and storage. This will allow you to understand how convenient it will be to use.

How to tie correctly: a step-by-step guide

When choosing a tie, focus on your own convenience and fashionable images. Seasonality is taken into account, the need to remove curls or create protection from sunlight. Using a simple scheme, you can quickly create a fashionable kit.


It will be combined with a summer set of clothes, a fur coat or a down jacket. Special pins and brooches are suitable for secure fixation and creating excellent style. They hold the fabric in place while maintaining a complex design.

muslim style

At the same time, the curls are completely closed from prying eyes. To make the process easier, first gather your hair into a tight ponytail or bun.


The following Muslim solutions are offered:

  1. Fold the material in half. Put it on top so that it covers the frontal part completely. Turn the corner parts to the back of the head and fasten with a pin. Tails can remain free-hanging.
  2. Cover your head. Wrap one of the tips around the chin, secure it with a hairpin in the temple area. The other end remains in a hanging position.
  3. If the stole is large, they need to cover the forehead. Fasten both corners at the front of the neck using a pin.
  4. Fold the item in half. Wrap their heads around. Connect the tails at the back of the head by twisting them with bundles. They need to be connected and fixed.

This option looks both with plain and colored scarves.


in a peasant way

This is one of the most common and simple options. It is used in most cases.


The following methods are suggested:

  1. Put a scarf over your hair area. Cover your ears and temples, then tie the ends at the back of the head.
  2. Cover the head, twist the remaining elements in the neck area, slightly bandaging them.
  3. For a firm hold, place the product in the middle of the head. Connect the ends and twist under the chin and tie at the back of the head in a tight knot.

For secure fixation, you can use a plastic pin or brooch under the chin. This will prevent slipping if the curls are straight.

Hollywood style

The style appeared thanks to American trendsetters. It is distinguished by elegance that emphasizes classic clothing sets. A unique and graceful style is created that looks great with sunglasses.


The technique includes the following items:

  • fold the fabric in half in the form of a scarf;
  • put it on so that the edge of the hair is visible;
  • cross the free parts and wrap them around the neck;
  • tie them with a double knot at the back of the head.

Complete the look with a bright blouse or jacket, skirt or trousers in an office style. They are suitable for creating a stylish image of a city dweller.

in gypsy

This look looks exotic. It is suitable for informal situations, young girls and under a leather jacket.


The following scheme is possible:

  • choose a large square scarf;
  • fold it in half in the form of a triangle;
  • cover the forehead with the long part, and the sharp part is superimposed on the back of the head;
  • the long part is fixed along the area of ​​\u200b\u200bgrowth of curls, and the ends are tied in the temple area;
  • the free part is wrapped around the knot.

In this case, a floral print with contrasting colors looks great. Shades should be bright and contrasting.

In the form of a bow

This is a great option for the beach, stylish and sophisticated. Take a small size handkerchief and fold it to get the desired size.


Attach it so that the ends remain on the side or in the crown area. Then they are fixed in the form of a neat bow.

You can see how to tie a scarf in the video:

In the shape of a bandana

There are several types of bandanas.

Examples include:

  1. Classic. The product is folded into a triangle. The base should be attached to the forehead, and the ends should be tied at the back of the head. The remaining element is filled at the back of the head.
  2. Hippie. Form an even triangle. Roll it several times until a wide strip remains. Attach it to the forehead, tie around the head, forming a rim. Fill in the rest of the pieces.
  3. For girls. Form a triangle and tie off. Leave the ends on top, and then hide them in a knot.


This is great for creating a modern style. For him, not only monochrome scarves are relevant, but also ornaments and various patterns. Openwork details are allowed. You can choose white, black, light green and even red.

How to braid on your head

The scarf looks good if used as an element of weaving a braid. The image is harmonious in summer.


Follow the instructions below:

  • the accessory is folded in the middle, folding it to the end with a width of up to 5 cm;
  • the tape is tied;
  • the ends are tied into a tight knot.

Hair can be collected in a ponytail, and wrapped around the ends at the base, and then secured with an invisibility. Hanging elements can be woven into a braid in different ways, sequentially pinching it with strands. Finally, the remaining elements are fixed with an elastic band along with a scythe.

Look at the tying options:


The method is executed as follows:

  • fold a strip up to 10 cm wide;
  • wrap it so that the tails are on top;
  • bring them back by making a figure eight;
  • connect the parts with a buckle or hairpin.


The option looks both on long and short hair. The contrasting material looks great in relation to the color of the curls. Careful folding is important so that even folds are obtained. They add laconicism and sophistication to the whole image.

In the form of a hoop

This keeps the curls above the surface of the forehead. They won’t hit your face.


The bandage is performed according to the following scheme:

  • fold the product in half to make a triangle;
  • twist it into a ribbon with right angles;
  • wrap the fabric around your head;
  • tighten the knot in the back of the head;
  • place the tips in front on the shoulders.

Look at the photo, what a stylish hoop looks like. It can be plain or with a floral print.

In the form of a turban

It turns out a headdress in an oriental style, giving color. Both summer and warm collections are offered. For this, the emphasis is on the selection and density of the fabric.


The principle of forming a turban is as follows:

  • choose a cut that is long enough;
  • several times wrap the material several times;
  • fix the tips, after which they need to be hidden.

In the center you can use a beautiful brooch. It looks best on plain material.

More options:

What can be worn

The choice of a set is largely determined by the season, but with the right choice of colors, it can be matched to almost any set of clothes. In winter, it is combined with a fur coat and a jacket in a calm range. The image is complemented by a voluminous bag and high boots.


You can choose a solution to wear it with an autumn or winter double-breasted coat. You can choose a bright solution with a floral or geometric print. Outerwear should be plain in a classic range. This creates the right contrast and harmony.

In summer, a scarf looks great with a light dress in white or pink. It can be worn with a light trouser suit, denim jacket. It acts as a stylish element, protects from the effects of active sunlight.


It is difficult to do without it during a beach holiday. Protection from sun exposure is essential as it is especially active at lunchtime when many are at the beach.

Otherwise, if you stay under the sun for a long time, heat stroke may occur. At the same time, a successful combination with a bathing suit, light dresses and pareos is achieved. It is enough to choose a solution of white or another light shade. It may differ by several tones from the main set, creating color dynamics.


As a result, the scarf becomes a real fashion accessory for any season. You can choose not only a stylish shade or print, but also a tying pattern. With the same model, different images are obtained.

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