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How can banana helps you to lose weight and stay fit?

yes, Bananas contains more carbohydrates and sugar. but they can actually help with weight loss as well. Here are 6 reasons why you can reach for bananas without worry even if you are losing weight. 1.Bananas contain fiber Which also contribute to a longer feeling of satiety and also prevent overeating.Bananas have a bad reputation because […]

What is microgreen(Garden cress) and how to grow it yourself ? | it’s benefits

What is microgreen(Garden cress) and how to grow it yourself ? | it’s benefits

Curly Garden cress  (Lepidium sativum), you’ve probably heard about microgreen cress at least once, but still doubt its usefulness and consider it another marketing ploy? And this is in vain. Garden cress is small sprouts of vegetables, herbs and herbs. Which are harvested and eaten after 7-14 days from the beginning of sowing. In the late 80s, California […]


7 Fruits That Increase Muscle Mass/Strength

If you want to gain muscle mass and exercise to do so, it makes sense that you should also combine them with an adequate diet.Certain fruits help us build muscle mass. Below we list those fruits that, in addition to satisfying hunger, contain nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are good for muscles. ******** Dried fruits . Rich […]


Thin Girl Tips: How To Gain Weight Without Harm To Health?

Good day, friends! We are used to the fact that most women are looking for ways to lose weight, but there are those who are worried about the opposite problem. Many people suffer from excessive thinness, since such a body structure has its drawbacks and can negatively affect overall well-being and health. That is why today we devote our […]

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List of Healthy and High Fibre Foods

There are several benefits of having high fiber foods in your diet. It induces weight loss, lowers your blood sugar level, and protects you from constipation. For women, 25 grams, and for men, 38 grams of fiber is the recommended daily intake. Fruits: High Fibre Foods Avocado (6.7%) Avocados are dense with healthy fats instead […]

Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate Daily

Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate Daily

What is Dark chocolate ? chocolate with 70% – 85% cocoa Higher cocoa content is good Varieties: Bitter-sweet, semi-sweet, sweetrecommended to go for bitter-sweet well It is recommended to eat – One ounce (28 grams) of dark chocolate daily how Dark Chocolate good it is for human body How to choose correct / best chocolate […]

7 Foods To Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control.

7 Foods To Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control.

 High blood pressure affects the body’s blood flow. Kidney problems, heart problems can be caused by the effects on the body’s blood vessels. Here are some food to lower your blood pressure : Black Grapes Patients with high blood pressure are asked to eat Black Grape. Because it contains high levels of flavonoids, it eliminates heart problems […]