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How to Check Authentic or Proven Fake Xiaomi Cellphones

How to Check Authentic or Proven Fake Xiaomi Cellphones

Check whether your Xiaomi cellphone is genuine or fake? Do you intend to buy a new Xiaomi cellphone but are still unsure because you are afraid of being tricked by a KW smartphone (Copy)? So, this review will discuss how to check genuine or fake Xiaomi cellphones for all types of MIUI products.

There are several tips that we can do to find out whether a Xiaomi cellphone is genuine or not, one of which is that we can see it through the Xiaomi IMEI code whether it is registered or not.

So, in this way, we can easily distinguish between genuine and fake Xiaomi, because to check Xiaomi’s IMEI online, it is available through the official website.

Immediately, here are the tricks to check the original or KW Xiaomi smartphone that you can follow.

This guide applies to all series or types of Xiaomi cellphones, so you can check the original Xiaomi or replica very easily.

Starting from old Xiaomi Android phones to the latest, such as Redmi, Redmi Note, Mi, Mi Max, Mi Note, Mi MIX, etc.

Steps to Check HP Xiaomi Ori What KW Correctly

how to check original xiaomi cellphone or kw

Check Original Xioami with IMEI

You can check the authenticity of Xiaomi cellphones through the official Xiaomi website, all series of smartphone products made in China are legally and officially registered here.

1. Turn on your Xiaomi cellphone then open your favorite browser application, either via Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or others.

2. Copy the link or the official Xiaomi website address at

3. So, to check your Xiaomi IMEI number, you can dial up at *#06# then press Call. Another alternative is that you can see it on the box or the Xiaomi cell phone box.

4. On that page there are several options or choices including.

Verify Your HP Purchase

  • On this tab you can type the IMEI code on the Xiaomi cellphone in the Enter IMEI or Serial Number (S/N) section.
  • After that you can enter a capctha or quiz, press the reload button if you find it difficult.
  • Finally press the Verify button to see if the Xiaomi cellphone is original or not.

how to see an original xiaomi cellphone or a replica

Xiaomi Product Authentication

  • Another option to check a genuine or fake Xiaomi phone is by the Xiaomi security code, you can find it on the sticker labeled MI which you can rub to get the code.
  • After that you enter the Xiaomi Security Code, usually 20 digits.
  • Then you complete the quiz then press the Verify button to find out the results.

how to distinguish original and fake xiaomi cellphones

Check Original Xioami with Secret Code

The second option to find out the authenticity of a Xiaomi cellphone is to check it through the secret code for the Xiaomi smartphone.

This code is a test code for Xiaomi cellphone devices where there are various hardware functions ranging from Sensor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SIM Card, LCD Screen, Sound, Camera, and others.

1. Open your Xiaomi cellphone then access the Dial Up Menu (Call).

2. Then you press *#*#64663#*#* then Call.

3. Wait a few moments for the device trial option or Hardware Test to appear.

4. In this mode you can try the function of each device on a Xiaomi cellphone, please check one by one whether it works according to its function or not.

5. If everything goes well and there are no problems or errors, you can be sure that your Xiaomi cellphone is genuine and not fake.

Through this page you can also see detailed specifications of the devices used in full.

how to find out original xiaomi cellphone or not

Check the Original Xioami with the QR Core Mi Verification Application

The next recommendation is that you can check whether your Xiaomi smartphone is genuine or not by using the Mi Verification application, which has been provided directly by Xiaomi.

1. Please open your favorite browser then access the official page at

2. One more thing, make sure you open it via cellphone, not a laptop, because we will install the application.

3. After that you open the Mi Verification apk then do a QR Code scan to find out the authenticity of the Xiaomi cellphone.

4. Finally, a notification or notification appears about whether the Xiaomi product is genuine or not.

It’s easy, isn’t the way we know the original or fake Xiaomi cellphone is enough to install the application.

So, to complete this discussion, the SemutImut page has prepared a few tips and tricks for buying a new Xiaomi cellphone to avoid pirated or KW smartphone products.

How to Buy an Original Xiaomi Cellphone

how to buy an original xiaomi cellphone

Apart from going through the test, we can also find out the characteristics of a genuine or fake Xiaomi cellphone by looking at the appearance of the device.

Another interesting article about tips on how to check the complete type of new and old Xiaomi cellphones, suitable for those of you who want to buy a used or new cellphone.

One of them is that the original Xiaomi cellphone will have higher quality building materials, you can see it from the quality of the colors produced to the weight of the cellphone.

You can also find out by comparing the market prices of Xiaomi cellphones, usually the price of a new smartphone that is set at a very low price should be watched out for as a fake.

Apart from that, it’s also a good idea to buy the Xiaomi smartphone at an official outlet, besides being guaranteed that the goods are genuine, you will also get a guarantee if at any time there is damage to the cellphone.

Maybe that’s just a few tips on how to check a genuine or fake Xiaomi cellphone with an application and without an application using a simple, powerful method.


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