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How to Check IMEI Numbers for Realme Mobiles Easily & Quickly (Recommendations)

How to Check IMEI Numbers for Realme Mobiles Easily & Quickly (Recommendations)

Have you ever checked the IMEI number on a Realme cellphone before? If not, the Semutmut page will review it regarding how to check the IMEI of a Realme cellphone very easily and quickly.

There are many tricks or ways to find out the IMEI code on a Realme cellphone, from finding out through the manual (Manual Book) to using the USSD secret code.

Through IMEI, we can also find out the specifications of the cellphone used, such as the date and year the smartphone was manufactured.

Up to the most vital, such as checking the authenticity of the Realme cellphone, whether it is original or imitation (KW).

Here are some benefits of knowing the IMEI number on a smartphone, especially for you Android Realme cellphone users.

Benefits of Checking IMEI for Realme Mobile

  • Know the basic information on the mobile device, such as the year of manufacture and the country of manufacture of the cell phone to the series of cell phones used.
  • Through the IMEI number we can also track and find out our cellphone, if there is a loss, either it is dropped or stolen.
  • The cellphone IMEI code is an identity, meaning that there is only one IMEI number for one cellphone, this is to minimize the occurrence of piracy or replica cellphones.

For the rest, there are still many uses for IMEI on the cellphone devices that we have.

Immediately, here is a guide to check IMEI for Realme cellphones that you can follow below.

This IMEI Realme check applies to all series of cellphone products made by him, starting from Realme 3 Pro, Realme C2, Realme 5 Pro, Realme 2, Realme 6 Pro, Realme C1, Realme XT, Realme 5I, Realme C11, Realme C15, and other series. .

You choose the method to check the IMEI of a Realme cellphone that you think is the easiest to follow.

Steps to see IMEI of all types of Realme cellphones

how to check the imei code of a realme cellphone

Check IMEI of Realme Mobile with Secret Codes

  1. Open the Phone Application (Dial Up Menu) on the Realme cellphone.
  2. Enter USSD code *#06#
  3. Finally press Call (Call).
  4. Usually a pop up menu will appear containing the IMEI number of the Realme smartphone.

The fastest trick to display the IMEI number on a Realme cellphone and of course it’s not complicated.

Now, to see the specifications of the Realme cellphone with the IMEI number. You can open an online IMEI check site.

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Seeing the IMEI Code for a Realme Cellphone from a Cardboard Package

  1. Take the box or box for the Realme cellphone.
  2. Flip the Dus back then pay attention to the back of the Dus.
  3. Usually the cellphone number or IMEI code will be listed.

It looks like a price barcode, there are long horizontal lines.

Usually, many prospective cellphone buyers do this trick to determine whether the Realme cellphone they are buying is genuine or fake, by mixing and matching the IMEI numbers found on the cellphone.

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Find out the IMEI of Realme cellphones via the About menu

  1. Open the Settings Menu (Settings) on the Realme cellphone.
  2. Scroll down to find the About Device (About Phone) option then tap on it to open it.
  3. After that you open the Status Menu.
  4. A pop up menu about device information starting from the series and IMEI number of Realme cellphones is also available.

Through this method you will get more complete information regarding the Realme cellphone that you are using.

Just a few additional tips for those of you who are curious about the authenticity of the Realme cellphone that you have.

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Check the Authenticity of Realme Mobile with the IMEI Code

You can check whether your Realme cellphone is original or not by checking IMEI online via the following link

Please just enter the IMEI Realme that you have obtained to check whether the IMEI number of the Realme cellphone is registered or not.

If registered, you can be sure that the original Realme cellphone is not a clone, because this is the official website of the Indonesian government specifically for checking the authenticity of legal and illegal cellphones.

See also interesting reviews on how to easily restore deleted photos on a Realme cellphone.

The tutorial on how to check IMEI numbers on Realme phones of all these series is expected to help you find the serial number on a Realme Android smartphone.


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