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How to Check Original Oppo Hp or Fake with a Secret Code (Work)

How to Check Original Oppo Hp or Fake with a Secret Code (Work)

Recently, Oppo smartphones have been selling out in Indonesia, it’s no wonder that there are now many replicas or imitations circulating.

Counterfeit Oppo or KW cellphones are indeed sold at a cheaper price, therefore it is not surprising that many of us are trapped in buying these fake smartphones.

Responding to this, it is important for us to be more vigilant so as not to be tricked by fake cellphones. One of them we can learn how to check for genuine or fake Oppo cellphones as an initial preventive measure.

There are many methods that we can use to find out whether the original Oppo cellphone is KW, one of which we can check with the secret code of the smartphone.

You can check the authenticity of the Oppo cellphone below for more details.

How to Check Original or Fake Oppo Hp

how to check the original or fake oppo cellphone

How to distinguish genuine and fake Oppo cellphones is actually quite easy, as long as we are observant, we will know it.

Therefore, immediately following the trick to find out the original and fake Oppo cellphones that you can follow easily for all types of Oppo ranging from Oppo F1s, Oppo F11, Oppo A37, Oppo A39, Oppo A57, Oppo A3s, Oppo A5s, Oppo A71, Oppo F5, Oppo A1k and more.

1. Check HP Warranty

Before you decide to buy a new Oppo cellphone, it’s a good idea to first check the completeness of the documents, such as a warranty card.

Please open it and check whether it is the same as the cellphone, you can match the data contained in the warranty card with the Oppo cellphone.

how to check hp oppo original and kw

As for how to check the Oppo smartphone as follows.

  1. Turn on the Oppo phone first.
  2. Then you check the IMEI number of the Oppo cellphone by entering the code *#06# then press Dial (Call).
  3. After it appears, you note down the IMEI number of the Oppo smartphone.
  4. If you have noted it, just enter the Oppo IMEI number on the official Oppo cellphone page at the following link Check the Oppo Warranty.
  5. You can check whether the information contained on the cellphone and the complementary letter is the same as what is listed on the official Oppo website.

It’s not easy enough to check the authenticity of the Oppo cellphone.

2. Check IMEI Number

Alternatively, you can also check the original and fake Oppo cellphones using this method.

how to check the original or fake oppo cellphone

The steps are very easy, you just need to use the IMEI number of the cellphone.

  1. You just open the IMEI number of the Oppo cellphone by pressing *#06# then Dial.
  2. After it appears, you notice between the IMEI number of the cellphone and the box of the Oppo cellphone.
  3. Whether it’s the same or not, if it’s different, it can be ascertained that the Oppo cellphone is a counterfeit or KW product.

This IMEI number is singular, meaning that no two IMEI numbers are the same, even though they are produced by the same company with the same type of product.

This you know how to check the type of Samsung cellphone Android and old school with ease.

3. Check Engineer Mode

how to check the original oppo cellphone with a secret code

One of the steps to find out whether the Oppo cellphone is genuine or not is to test it through Engineer Mode (Secret Code).

  1. Engineer Mode or what is often called the Oppo secret code is a tester feature that applies to testing the performance of hardware such as connectivity, battery, speakers, phone, and others.
  2. As for how to check the original or fake Oppo cellphone with a secret code, that is using the USSD code *#800#. Please enter the code then press Dial.
  3. Usually we will be automatically taken to mode testing (Engineer Mode). You can start testing or experimenting in this mode.
  4. For example, you want to test the Oppo cellphone battery, please try to select the battery section which will usually display the current battery condition.
  5. Besides that, you can also test it for other hardware performance such as whether the speaker sounds or not.
  6. Check everything by selecting and pressing the test button one by one, if there are errors or damage, it can be ascertained that the Oppo cellphone is fake or KW.

This is because a new Oppo cellphone cannot be released on the market in a damaged state.

Tips and tricks how to check original Samsung cellphone or not so as not to be deceived by counterfeit goods.

4. Check Hp Hardware

how to check the original or fake oppo cellphone

If you want to check the original Oppo cellphone or not, you can see it visually through the following considerations.

  1. Observe the quality of the cellphone case, the quality of the original Oppo cellphone case is usually better than the fake.
  2. Pay attention to the excellent features on Oppo smartphones, usually fake Oppo phones don’t have them. This is because these features are difficult to imitate and expensive. For example, for the Oppo cellphone fingerprint sensor feature.
  3. Don’t forget to check the size and weight dimensions, the original Oppo cellphones tend to be heavier than the Oppo KW cellphones. This is due to the quality of the constituent materials, the better, usually the thicker or heavier.
  4. Also check the quality of the Oppo cellphone camera produced, whether it is the same as what is written on the cellphone box or not. Usually the original Oppo cellphone has a clear camera quality and the video recordings are good and not blurry just like the specifications.

Also see how how to recover deleted photos on Oppo phone succeed.

5. Check HP Prices

how to check the authenticity of an oppo cellphone

These tips are very general but the most powerful way to find out the original or counterfeit Oppo phones, namely by comparing the market prices of the new Oppo cellphones.

  1. Please look for information about the latest Oppo cellphone prices through the official website or other trusted sites.
  2. Check the price and compare it with the price of the Oppo cellphone that you want to buy, whether there is a striking price difference or not.
  3. Usually the price of fake Oppo cellphones is cheaper with a much different difference from the original Oppo cellphones.
  4. If it’s not an original Oppo cellphone, it’s probably also BM or Black Market goods, smuggled cellphones without going through permission. Please do not buy these items as they may be subject to criminal penalties for trespassing.

Through these simple tips, at least you can avoid fraudulent acts of selling fake Oppo cellphones which of course harm many parties, one of which is consumers.

Tips cara screenshot hp Oppo without buttons guaranteed practical complete with pictures.

Instead of buying a fake cellphone, it’s better for us to look for a used Oppo cellphone, both of which have a low price tag but with far different quality from the Oppo Kw.

Tips on how to check the original or fake Oppo cellphone hopefully can be a reference before buying a new smartphone. Searching and reading a lot of references before making a transaction is indeed better than nothing.


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