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How to cleanse the liver naturally

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The liver is one of the most important organs in our body, it regulates most of the chemical levels in the blood and secretes a substance called bile, which helps transport waste from the liver. Keeping it healthy allows us to feel good, purify properly and thus have a perfect balance.

We have the false belief that drinking alcohol frequently is the only cause by which it is affected, but this is not the case, non-alcoholic fatty liver has now become an important cause of several diseases.

Fatty liver is a disorder in which fat droplets of different sizes accumulate in your cells as a result of being overweight, sedentary lifestyle and diabetes.

You must be attentive to its symptoms, although in many cases they do not appear, you may feel pain on the right side just below the last rib, fatigue or tiredness, headaches, poor digestion, bad breath, changing moods, stress , weakened immune system and slow metabolism, among others.

Although fatty liver is a condition that can be cured, if left unchecked it can lead to other conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease.

To take care of the liver, start by changing your diet and acquiring healthy habits. Next, we are going to list some tips that will help you cleanse your liver naturally. Do not forget that it is important to visit your gastroenterologist or hepatologist at least once a year.

To take care of your liver avoid consuming:
Saturated Fats (Fried)
processed cereal
Whole milk and its derivatives
Fast food

Various sources such as the portal World Journal of Hepatology and the BBC Mundo, assure that to heal our liver or prevent it from getting sick, it is vital to add plant-based foods to our nutrition.

In the article Liver immunology and herbal treatment several specialists assure that: “Herbal treatment is the mother of modern medicine. The ancient custom of treating diseases with plants is still valid as a primary or complementary treatment to conventional medical treatment”. Without a doubt, nature provides us with everything we need to balance our body and enjoy a healthy life.

We present several plant-based options that will help you detoxify and keep your liver in good condition.


An infusion is a preparation of natural herbs with water and each of them has a purpose. The steps to prepare the perfect infusion are: Heat the water until it is hot enough. Pour the water into a container and add the herb. Cover the infusion. This step is important so that the active ingredients of the plants that make it up do not evaporate. Finally, let it rest, generally between 8 and 12 minutes of rest. You can drink 2 cups of infusion a day, for a minimum of 3 weeks.

Boldo and dandelion infusions are very useful for purifying the liver and also have other benefits:

Taking milk thistle capsules

According to Mayo Clinicone of the active ingredients of milk thistle is silymarin, which is extracted from the seeds of the plant. Antioxidant properties are attributed to it and it is used as a supplement to treat liver conditions.

Milk thistle is sold in oral capsule, tablet, and liquid extract forms. Among other ailments, this plant helps treat diabetes, indigestion (dyspepsia) and liver diseases.

Zachari Adanir, certified in botanical medicine and traditional healing, assured Siempre Mujer that milk thistle is the only plant that has studies that demonstrate its effectiveness in treating liver conditions. “I am a testimony, my liver enzymes have always been high and I was even diagnosed with hepatitis. I started taking milk thistle and Turkish black tea, and my latest blood tests confirm that I have had an improvement, my enzymes are fine for the first time.“.

Sachari explains that he started taking milk thistle in August 2021, since some tests he took in July of the same year did not come out quite right, and that, by December, after taking milk thistle, the tests came out in a range normal. “I took a capsule after each meal, I took 3 capsules daily, for 3 weeks and then I took 5 days off, it was 6 months from one analysis to another“.

Natural juices

For Naturopath Terence Hoogstoel, juices and smoothies are the best option to stay healthy. Here we share one of the juices that Terence advises to cleanse the liver and what he thinks about it. Juicing or juice therapy.

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